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  1. HELLO FRIEND, I HOPE YOU ARE VERY GOOD. Several years passed and we could not travel to the United States to see our idols. can you tell me how is this hazzarnet? or you do not have time to be there ?.
    I always keep you in mind since you live in a beautiful country and had the same goals as me, attend a DUKESFEST.
    I am 44 years old and I do not work anymore, the government that ended in 2015 suffocated me in my work and stopped working, now I saved my tools to work the land and rented the field to a third party. It is a very quiet life but limited to a low salary per month.
    Tell me how are you and your work, I hope response.
    a big hug from ARGENTINA.

    1. HossC


      Hola Carlos.

      Es bueno saber de ti otra vez. Estoy bien, y aún visito HazzardNet todos los días.

      He estado trabajando en un trabajo de bajo salario durante dos años y medio, pero eso termina en Febrero.

      Los mejores deseos


    2. RogerDuke


      Is it so good to hear from you again Carlos. I am so sorry to hear that things are not going well in Argentina. I have heard stories on the news and understand that life has been difficult there. The Dukes of Hazzard has managed to put a smile on my face for nearly 40 years  in good times and bad. I hope they can help you out too. Please keep posting here on the HazzardNet.

  2. HELLO, excuse my absence the past few months, I want to WELCOME to hazzard net, a forum DUKES OF HAZZARD fans worldwide.

    Thanks for being followed between us, hug from Argentina.

  3. Hi friend, thanks for asking how I am. Thank God I'm very well, almost every day I hazzardnet out, just do not participate because there are issues that do not understand them, ha ha ha.

    The weather is great here and my harvest is good, with my wife we have many hopes and projects, ofcourse the most important project is known hazzard or somewhere about our idols the dukes.

    I wonder how are you, thanks. HUG FROM ARGENTINA.

  4. here it's Sunday FRIEND, VERY happy birthday, enjoy your day as you like. Thank you very much for your participation in hazzarnet daily.

    I raise my glass (of beer not whiskey, it's hot here already) and provided in your honor.



  5. Feliz cumpleaños!!!

    Un gran abrazo.

  6. Feliz cumpleaños Daisy!!!!!, que bueno tenerte entre nosotros todo este tiempo. abrazo.

  7. welcome!!, uuuu! How far we are, hug from Argentina.

  8. welcome! hug from Argentina

  9. Welcome to hazzardnet, tell us your story or why you came to us.


  10. HELLO, welcome!

    expect you to tell us part of your story with our idols Dukes of Hazzard-

    hug from Argentina.

  11. Hello, I hope you come back soon to hazzardnet since a few months ago you are not among us.

    happy birthday, good life.

    hug from Argentina!

  12. Happy Birthday friend!

    hug from Argentina

  13. Welcome friends to this great house fans dukes of hazzard, you are very fortunate to live in the mountains of Georgia, I also live in the countryside but in plains many miles away from home.

    I would like to see some pictures of your place of relaxation, I do not know and besides being expensive to travel and do not let us in your country.

    hug from Argentina.

  14. feliz cumpleaños a tí, abrazo.

  15. Welcome amiga, es un placer tenerte en hazzardnet, abrazo y beso.

  16. Welcome friend, hug from Argentina.


  17. Bienvenido compatriota, es un gusto compartir fanatismo de los dukes en un mismo foro, buena vida.

  18. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.: D

  19. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.


  20. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.

  21. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.

  22. feliz cumpleaños, abrazo desde argentina.

  23. Welcome amigo, abrazo desde el sur.

  24. Welcome amigo!!!!!!!, que disfrutes de hazzardnet. abrazo desde argentina.

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