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  1. I'd like to help if I can. I'd like to see some more lively discussion happening. With my involvement with Cooter's, I see a lot of stuff actually happening in 'Hazzard Nation', and it would is easier for me to share it on FB. M
  2. Well what do you know? I should have guessed somebody aready figured this out! Thank you! Mark
  3. Can anyone identify any of the bows used by Bo and Luke? I'd really like to match the exact brand and model if possible.
  4. In Hazzard, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is also true at Cooter's Place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. About a year ago, Cooter's in Gatlinburg relocated to nearby Pigeon Forge due to unforseen circumstances. The new location does not have the 'familily fun center' gocarts and indoor mini golf. However, the new store brings opportunities to build new fun experiences for Dukes fans to enjoy. In addition to easier access and expanded room for events and more cool Hazzard merchandise and collectibles, we are now buiding in the famiilar setting of the Hazzard Garage. The General Lee needs a cozy home after all! This will be just the first of more things to come over the coming months, so stay tuned!
  5. That would actually make a really cool model! I want to make a 1/25 still anyway. M
  6. Thank you all for the fresh compliments! I wish I had more time to get back to expanding this model (I'm adding a junkyard and barn behind the garage) and finishing my Boar's Nest! Mark
  7. The Jude emery car and wrecked patrol cars are top on my list for sure. I'm going to have the sawmill patrol car too.
  8. I'm adding a junkard outback of my Hazzard Garage model and I'm hoping ya'll can help me with some suggestions on what cars to add to the model. Many times in the series, Cooter mentions having something 'out back' (like the extra Chargers that time they made decoy General Lees). Who can remember other examples? Mark
  9. I think its only as invasive as you allow it to be. If the CIA is monitoring people, there are many more ways to do it than just social media. In my opinion, the benefits of being able to communicate with folks of similar interests far outweigh the possibility of the government reading your Dukes of Hazzard posts.
  10. As many of you know, Ben 'Cooter' Jones owns and operates 3 Dukes of Hazzard attractions in Tennessee and Virginia. The Virginia location, which was located in Sperryville, has recently moved location a few miles away to neighboring Luray, Virgina. The new Luray location is the biggest venue he has ever had- when it is finished it will have a retail store, Daisy's Diner, Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia museum, and will house replicas of the General Lee, Boss Hogg's Caddy, Roscoe's Patrol Car, Cooter's tow truck, and others. The retail store and Daisy's Diner is already open 7 days a week (and you won't find a better grilled cheese sandwich anywhere). The retail store carries a great line of original Dukes merchandise- everything from lighters to stuffed General Lees, and of course great T-shirts. Admission is always free, but I challenge any Dukes fan to visit without buying at least a T-Shirt! In addition, about a quarter of the building is being turned into a replica of Cooter's Garage that visitors can explore! Construction of the garage 'set' is currently underway and is stating to look very familiar (see pictures below). I've had the privilege of working with Ben Jones and his wife Alma to bring the garage to life. Its an amazing and fun project, but the best part has been getting to know Ben and Alma and their extended Hazzard 'family' who work with them to run all the Cooter's locations. Ben and Alma are two of the most genuine and creative people I've ever met. The grand opening of the Luray location will be May 6th of this year when Cooter's hosts the Shenandoah Jamboree music festival. But the big Dukes blow-out comes on July 29 and 30 with 'Cooter's Last Stand'. This event will be a 'Dukesfest' style event with vendors, music, Dukes cast members, and a General Lee jump! (For more information on any of the events, go to Cootersplace.com) 17632161_10155110478214402_1189871081453011783_o by mommydawn2000, on Flickr 17630014_10155110478164402_2570272487669964811_n by mommydawn2000, on Flickr 17621704_10155110478279402_816360907846242077_o by mommydawn2000, on Flickr 17554252_10155110478169402_5111593084554948228_n by mommydawn2000, on Flickr 17499479_10155110478204402_5484780726857679784_n by mommydawn2000, on Flickr 17458232_10155110478264402_5465857622471407802_n by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  11. The one she rode in on at the beginning of the Reunion movie- I'd like to know what make/model if anyone can ID it. Thanks! Mark
  12. I felt the same way about the fictional town of Mayfield from Leave it to Beaver. I actually got to 'visit' Mayfield by working on the 80s revival series for a short time and going to the backlot locations where it was made, so it really does feel real to me.
  13. hazzard run 2016 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr I'll be bringing my Hazzard Garage model as well as my new Boar's Nest model to this year's Hazzard Run. I'll be set up at Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg (the destination for the 'run' of Dukes cars coming from Nashville). Here is the description of the full event: DESCRIPTION OCTOBER 2016 LAST CHANCE to Bring your "General Lee," "Hazzard County Police Car," or other "Hazzard Vehicle" to participate in our ANNUAL Hazzard Run from Nashville to Gatlinburg. After 7 years of the Run we are going to create an Exciting New Fall Event for Hazzard County Car Owners and lovers in 2017 !!! Details will be announced at this year"s Run. Tom Wopat will be at Gatlinburg the entire weekend signing autographs. Sonny Shroyer & Rick Hurst will be in Nashville and Gatlinburg signing autographs We are also excited to announce that Saturday Night at 7:30 we are presenting "An Intimate Evening of Music and Conversation with Tom Wopat" at the Greystone Inn across the road from Cooter"s Gatlinburg- Run registrants will be eligable for discount tickets to the concert if they sign up when registering their cars. Schedule of Events Friday October 7th Gather at Cooter's Place Nashville for registration. Sonny Shroyer “Enos” & Rick Hurst “Cletus” will be at Cooter’s in Nashville for Meet & Greet Saturday October 8th: 8 AM- 8:30 AM - Convoy leaves from parking lot behind Cooter's Place Nashville. 3 PM - Arrive Gatlinburg for Hazzard County Parade. 3:30 -5:00 PM - Park in display area at Cooter's Place Gatlinburg for Car Show and Meet and Greet with Tom Wopat. 10 AM- 4 PM Tom Wopat Signing at Cooter's in Gatlinburg 7:30 PM Concert with Tom Wopat (Seperate Ticket) at Glenstone Lodge Sunday October 9th: 10 AM - 4 PM Car Show and Meet and Greet with Tom Wopat Monday October 10th: Sonny Shroyer “Enos” & Rick Hurst “Cletus” will be at Cooter’s in Gatlinburg for Meet & Greet Registration fee includes event T-Shirt, Dash Plaque, Parade Permit, 2 Go-Kart Rides, 2 Mini-Golf Games at Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg. Nashville Hotels: http://www.hotelscombined.com/Place/Nashville.htm Gatlinburg Hotels http://www.gatlinburg.com/hotels/ Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg is offering a Special $99 Rate for "Dukes of Hazzard" Fans During Oct 7th-10th for Hazzard Run, Cast Appearances and Tom Wopat Concert! When you call or book online Group code is "Hazzard" for Special Rate, For Hotel Reservations call 865-436-9361 TAGS Things To Do In Nashville, TN Other Other SHARE WITH FRIENDS Facebook Facebook Messenger LinkedIn Twitter email
  14. Traffic in Tennessee?? Try coming to Orlando! People from all over the world in rental cars trying to figure out where Disneyworld or the malls are. And when it rains, they and the locals seem to forget how to drive! Back to Hobie's original question: No, you are not the only one. Its great that other folks see Hazzard the same way I do. Beyond the silly antics of Boss, Roscoe, and Cletus and the impossible feats of the General Lee, you really do get a feel for this show's location. Despite the best efforts of Hollywood to make a caricature of life in the rural South, there is something genuine and attractive that comes through. I credit the original spirit in which the show was created plus the ongoing efforts of the cast to infuse the show's characters with some integrity. Its easy to point out the repetitive nature of the scripts, especially as the show reached 5,6, and 7 seasons. But to me, every time I tune in is like visiting old friends- you would never complain about doing the same old thing with good friends. -Scooter
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