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    Elly May Duke got a reaction from BoJamesDuke in Fever   
    "Well what's going to happen to my nephew?" Jesse asked concerned. The doc turned to him "I just said it. . . I don't know." Jesse nodded not seeing how he would get another answer.
    "Oh Uncle Jesse." Daisy whispered,leaing her head against his shoulder "I . . .I can't loose Luke. . .what will we ever do without him?" she asked.
    Jesse wrapped an arm around her "I don't know Daisy, but I know it won't be the end of the world."
    "How can you be sure?" she asked.
    "Well. . .the doc said that. . ."
    "I don't care what she said Uncle Jesse." Daisy declared "I want Luke."
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    Elly May Duke got a reaction from B.L. Davenport in Dukes Meet Andy Griffith.   
    Okay I know this is another weird idea of mine, but another show I like as well as me and a certian known friend of mine have been comparing Enos with Barney lately.
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    Elly May Duke got a reaction from Julieduke in Ashley and Jack's Baby(This is a spinoff of Three Amigos In A Big Pond)   
    Angel: We understand
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