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  1. Luke looked up at her as she brought the clothes to him. "Thank ya" he replied in a hoarse voice. "Jamie get over here...he don't need no audience!"
  2. Luke too, looked in the rearview mirror, back at Lori. "If the law's lookin' for you, Cooter's place'd be the first place they'd check wouldn't it?" he asked not too sure it was the safest place for her to call home for a while.
  3. The older woman looked at Luke. "He does look a might pale...alright he can stay for a spell...get some blankets...I'll go fix some vittles..." she said, making her way to the kitchen.
  4. "Hazzard County?" she repeated looking at him. "You're sure a long ways from home..." Luke looked towards her swallowing, then closing his eyes against the movement in the room. "Well what's wrong with him?" she asked as Luke couldn't seem to stay focused on any one thing.
  5. A woman came down the stairs. "What on earth are you talking about? What on...oh..." she says spotting Luke. Normally Luke would have stood in the presence of a lady. but righ now, he only managed a nod.
  6. He swallowed hard as a voice called from upstairs. "What is it now...if you found another hurt critter ya can just put it backwhere ya got it from."
  7. Personally, I thought both were awful. In fact, I ended up turning off the beginning halfway through.
  8. His eyes dart around the room as he sits, noting every possible exit, as he had been trained to do. He was uneasy in this place, and coupled with the fact that he was alone, he had to admit he was a bit scared without Bo by his side.
  9. I haven't heard that. Personally I doubt if that is true, Nashville being more centrally located, plus the fact that they have been making regular appearances at the grand ole opry...plus Cooter's place being there. Still since John and Elly are doing the show now, it is possible I guess. I haven't heard anything like that yet though.
  10. He swallowed thankful for the steadiness of someone to lean on. He still felt dizzy, as if the world was spinning around him...or maybe he was spinning and the world was still. He couldn't tell. All he knew was that Bo was in trouble and somehow he had to find him.
  11. He nodded looking at her, his face a little pale. "Please..."
  12. Enos quickly came back. "He's right down...possum on a gumbush," he exclaimed. "Doc...he was here...he was...least..." he scratched his head. " I think he was...Doc I think I need ya t' check my eyes."
  13. Enos dropped the phone as Bo groaned. "Ok, ok...you just uh...stay put...an'...an I'll...I'll be back..." He didn't bother hanging up the phone, just ran out of the jail and over to Doc's.
  14. "Now that there is the million dollar question ain't it?" asks bitterly, worried for Bo.
  15. He looked at her, tempted to make a sarcastic remark, but instead says, "No, I ain't. I'm from Hazzard."
  16. Enos swallowed hard. "You keep real still now Bo...I'm gonna call Doc..." He quickly went to his desk and phoned the doctor tapping his fingers nervously*
  17. "Possum on a gumbush," says Enos again, his hands flustered. He dropped the keys and closes his eyes repeating the words "broken ankle, broken ankle" as if trying to remember his first aid training and what to do. He took the pillow off the cot and puts it on the floor, gently laying Bo's ankle on it. "I should call Doc..."
  18. "Hatchapee County?!" He swallowed and closed his eyes.
  19. Luke leaned on a nearby tree, more to steady himself than anything. "So where exactly am I?" he asked, trying to look stronger than he felt. He still wasn't sure of she was alone, and his Marine training told him to not trust anyone, especially in unfamiliar territory.
  20. Enos ran up the stairs with anything except grace, toppling down them as he tripped over his own feet in a hurry to get to the jail. After several failed attemps, he slowly, one step at a time, made it up the stairs and over to the cell, seeing Bo grabbing his ankle. "Possum on a gumbush, Bo! Are you alright?!" He quickly fumbled the key into the lock and opened the door.
  21. Luke slowly got to his feet and seeing that she appeared to be alone, sheathed his knife. "What d'ya want?"
  22. Luke swallowed, and keeping his knife clenched crawled out. "Who're you?"
  23. From what I know, Andre' moved in with them for a time, but no. John did not adopt him that I am aware of. I don't believe Andre' lives with him at present though I might be wrong about that.
  24. Luke's balance might have been off, but his hearing was as sharp as a tack. He heard the steps coming and, not knowing whether they were friend or foe, he grabbed his knife from his back pocket and flipped open the blade, holding it poised and ready as he crawled off to the side, doing hid best to hide under some small foliage.
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