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  1. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  2. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  3. Welcome back to the HazzardNet. We missed ya!

  4. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  5. I said it once and I'll say it again. It sure is good to have you back!

  6. Oh yea, belated Happy Birthday!!

  7. Hey, We were up in your neighborhood today. Me and my wife spent the day in Niagara Falls. We didn't cross into Canada though. Now you need a passport.

  8. Hi Brian, how come when you're logged in, your name shows up at the bottom but when the other 2 moderators are logged in, their name doesn't show up? What do those two have to hide? LOL So, how have ya been?

  9. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  10. Hi GLG I see you're logged in. How have ya been lately?

  11. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  12. This is interesting Daney. I went to their website and their schedule doesn't have any 2010 events listed. I wonder if they're still in business.

  13. Belated happy birthday! I hope it was a good one.

  14. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  15. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  16. Hi Garrett.....look out for monsters....it's October and Halloween's getting close.

  17. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  18. Welcome to the HazzardNet

  19. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  20. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  21. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  22. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  23. You're sure a great addition to our website!!

  24. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

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