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  1. i like the first and the second movie. not so much the third because the bandit is not in it.
  2. the fortune tellers diamonds in the rough witness for persecution
  3. same here love the first two movies not so much the third. cant wait until the 5th of june.
  4. same here dukefan cannot wait until then.
  5. i only have 281 posts on this site.
  6. sorry to hear about ur aunt dixie daisy, i know how u feel. my thoughts and prayers are with u.
  7. on www.dukesounds.com u can listen to boss, uncle jesse, rosco and daisy. i will try and find some more.
  8. try the imdb.com it lists the people that are in the dukes person name and who they played in the show
  9. i think it is part of the wheel that joints to the drive shaft (i could be wrong)
  10. the doors are welded shut on the general because it a race car and for safely sake (luke tells uncle jesse that) happy birthday general lee is the epsoide
  11. both dukes movies are on www.youtube.com dukes of hazzard reunion and dukes of hazzard hazzard in hollywood
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