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  1. Hey! :D

    Yeah it is just after 3am, but i'm a uni student, I have no sleeping pattern. I sleep during the day and speak to America all night :p

  2. LOL awsome, have a good day/rest of the evening. Not sure what time zone your in but that should cover it :p

  3. Hey! Saw you were online and just wanted to say Hi :) Hope everything is going okay with you.

  4. Thank you, Its been great :)

  5. You see right Rog ;) I'm having a pretty good new year already! :D

  6. What New Years Contest? And I hope you did too! Did you get anything nice?

  7. Merry Christmas Roger! So gutted I had to miss the christmas party :(. No I didnt get stuck in a snow storm lol

  8. LOL Honestly have no idea! It was just a pic I found of him with brown hair because someone argued with me he was a natural blonde and he's not so I put it as my profile pic :p.

  9. LOL know that feeling :) Hope it all goes well for you! xx

  10. lol hey! Yeah it has been a while, life has just been kind of hectic that's all. :) I'm doing good, getting ready for christmas! How bout you? :)

  11. :) Well thank ya! Do you mean the rp we are doing with Rog? Its always nice t'know people like what we're writing. Hope you have a great christmas!
  12. Hey you! Haven't spoken to you in ages!! :) How are you doing?

  13. lol I'm good thanks, just starting up Uni again! For the final time! Then I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life!! *sob* LOL. Anything interesting happening with you? Come on chat!!

  14. Hellloooooo Miss (Or mrs :S I actually dont know! LOL) MaryAnne! How be you today? Haven't seen you around in a while, just thought i'd ask :)

  15. Impressed Chet, very impressed :)

  16. Hey Jessi! I'm good thanks how about you? I miss talking to you too I just dont have the time to stay on as late anymore with uni and family and stuff!

  17. Yeah things are good over here thanks :) Whatcha been busy with if you don't mind me asking?

  18. Hey Chet! Haven't had the pleasure of your company in a while...maybe that's why things seem quiet to me.... LOL. How are you doin'? Hope all is well with you.

  19. Hey! :) All is good thanks. You know who I am, I just found out you were on hnet, messaged you on a site.... ;)

  20. LOL no but there are a couple more - minihogg and DaneyDuke are two UK's and also there is another from ireland with general lee as her username. I dont know how to type it out though LOL. You enjoying yourself so far?

  21. Hey there! Welcome to Hnet from another UK Fan :D

  22. Please don't go!! Please!! ;)

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