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  1. Awww thanks Hoss! And sure I can, if you believe anything is possible :p

  2. It is officially 2011 in England! I am posting to you all right now from the future!! Its awsome, come join me!
  3. I'm here, and its 2 hours until 2011! WOO! I'll be in chat until the wee hours of the morning as my mum is ill so I'm not going out anywhere to look after her Hope you all have an amazing evening, see you in chat if you get here!
  4. Actually John hasn't stopped recording, he recently released a single called The Promise and re-did Waylon Jenning's Good Ol' Boys which is now avaliable on itunes.
  5. I though Doc Appleby was given a first name, I thought I'd heard Jesse call him by the name Amos before??
  6. LOL well at least its noticed when I aint around
  7. I've heard about him and this tragedy over facebook, many Hazzardnet and CGLFC fans are devestated. The world and the Hazzardnet fandom has indeed lost a very special person and even though I didn't get to know him, I know he'll be missed by so many. Condolences to the family and all who knew him. RIP
  8. Awwww thanks so much Lori :) Glad you liked it! I might start working on a fic idea I had...i'll post it exclusive on hnet before fan fic I think this time. x

  9. Joy to the World - A Hazzard County Christmas! *Words in brackets are interludes - spoken over the musical break, to the tune of Joy to the World!* (Daisy: Let's sing some Carols! Bo: Alright, but me an' Luke got one of our own...special to Hazzard County. Luke: Uhh no, Bo's got one of his own. I had no hand in this. I just play guitar) Joy to the world The Dukes are here! All full of Christmas Cheer! Daisy's turkey's brownin' And Jesse's runnin' carollin' The Duke Boys are runnin' too Away from the boys in blue Ready for Christmas In Hazzard County! (Luke: We're runnin' from the law Bo? Even on Christmas? Bo: Hey it wouldn't be Hazzard County if we weren't!) Joy to the World The Gen'ral's back With Bo and Luke in tact. Rosco was not so lucky Got stuck in something mucky But Cooter will tow him back Praying Boss won't give him the sack! In time for Christmas In Hazzard County! (Rosco: Khee Khee! Look at that Flash! I'm in the song! Boss: You lose them Duke Boys again before New Year and that ain't the only thing you'll be in!) Joy to the World Please don't be blue Our song is nearly through (Luke: Thank the lord, this is so cheesy Bo) We thank you old and new for sticking to us like glue We just have one thing to say Before we all part ways Merry Christmas From Hazzard County! (Luke: That is the absolute last time I let you write the carol Bo.)
  10. BoJamesDuke

    Daisy's Jeep

    Yeah that is what I meant Hoss LOL, I meant to put that - in case no one noticed - Daisy had sold the doors of the jeep and maybe more we haven't noticed to pay for the $500 bail....though how selling a couple of doors equalled $500 beats me LOL
  11. BoJamesDuke

    Daisy's Jeep

    Awsome job! Well done! By the way, just wondered if anyone else has noticed when exactly it was Dixie lost her doors and why - show explanation wise. In one of the shows where the boys were fighting - Carnival of Thrills I think though I might be wrong- and both boys are in the jail, Bo gets his bail posted by someone else. However Jesse and Daisy go to the jail intending to get them both out. When Daisy gets out the jeep, the doors are missing then and she says "Sorry I had t'borrow on ya Dixie, but its for a good cause!" Was just something interesting I noticed a while back and wondered if anyone else had spotted the same or wondered what the heck she was talking about LOL
  12. LOL noticed it because its been quieter and better maybe? I hope I get a lull in the hecticness too which I should do now work's settled down into a proper routne and Grandad's a bit better.
  13. LOL Yeah I've done it before I'll do it again!! I blame DaisyMae for my staying up late all the time...she has officially converted my body clock to American time which is really bad when i'm working! Can I just say, I love all you guys so much around here. I know I haven't been on recently cause its been sooo hectic, but I do miss Hnet when i'm away from it, your all like my second family! I know its early but I really do wish you all a very very happy christmas and I hope the new year will be awsome for everyone.
  14. I'm outta internet connection that weekend! I'm at my dad's to have a christmas with him before I spend christmas with mum. Well me and my sisters. Please before!
  15. The sound of the bells seemed to continue to ring in his head long after he had left the town square. It was almost comforting that while a lot was changing and would continue to change for the Dukes in the years to come, there would be some things that would never cease. For all intents and purposes, Uncle Jesse had indeed filled his lot in life in taking in the three cousins on their most tragic day and raising them to be the people they were, people that everyone loved and respected and would do anything for....including opening a store in the middle of the night and a little boy wishing for their happiness to return. Very few people touched other people's lives like the Dukes did, and while Uncle Jesse's loss had hit Luke hard, the legacy he left behind in him was something that would never be lost. As long as he had his Uncle's teachings, there would always be people on his side and the extended family that was the townfolk and would include people whom he would meet much later on in life would always grow.
  16. Bo continued to sleep unawares, tired out from the work he had done and just exhausted in general from the double chores he had taken up around the farm while Luke had been in his subdued and uninterested state. If anything, he just snuggled under the familiar old quilt more and settled on the couch in a better position as Luke left.
  17. Bo had been determined to wait up for him, and since Daisy had gone to bed had retrieved all the presents down from the attic that had been stored up there out the way by him and Daisy and had added them to the ones Luke had put under there earlier. The house smelled of Turkey as it gently cooked in the oven and the place was spotless as Bo had taken to cleaning after he had run out of presents to bring down. Outside, the snow had settled and turned everything white, though already there were footprints where Bo had been outside to check the animals and put them away in their warm shelters. He had even taken to decorating the outside of the house a little bit. Now though, he had fallen asleep on the couch with a car magazine in one hand and an empty cup of cocoa in the other.
  18. Bo watched him go with a small sigh, deciding now to leave the rest to his Uncle. He knew what was written in the letter, he had had to help Uncle Jesse write the thing when he got too weak to write for so long. While their Uncle was gone, the words he had needed to say to Luke were still there in paper and ink and he just hoped they would be able to help him now as they had done in the past. Shaking his head as Daisy went to follow Luke, he grabbed her shoulder gently and led her to the lounge, just sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped round the two of them.
  19. Inside the small box, the light of the room and the christmas lights catching its brightly shined metal, was Uncle Jesse's fob watch that had always hung from his overalls. As a boy when Jesse used to comfort Luke after something bad had happened - a fight at school or with Bo, falling over and scraping his knees, girls breaking his heart (as had happened as often as Bo had girlfriends before he went to the Marines) - Luke had always sat in his lap and cuddled into him, one of his hands taking hold of the fob watch that would always hang there gently, pressing his ear against it as he held it. The soft, rhythmitic ticking had always calmed his mind and his anger and made him able to listen to what his Uncle had always told him. Jesse of course had known how his passing would affect Luke, or at least he knew the worst case scenario, and so had tried to leave him something that would give him that little bit of peace and acceptance. Something of his Uncle's that he could always carry with him without feeling embarrassed about it. And so, engraved on the back, he had put the simplest message - For my very first, special little boy x
  20. "No it ain't....but nothin stays the same forever...you can't stop change. Change has t'happen otherwise we'd never be able t'grow. An' sides...it was time for Uncle Jesse t'go...he missed Auntie somethin fierce....he's been without her long enough ain't he?" he asked softly, trying to find any words of comfort even though he knew really there weren't any. Luke just had to get what he had been holding back out of his system and realize what they were saying, and until he found something to do that, Bo and Daisy just had to be there and that was fine with them. Biting her lip though, Daisy thought of one small thing that might help. Luke was still in Jesse's Santa suit, even without the beard and moustache and maybe this final thing could help him in some way. It had always soothed him when he was a kid and this was something Jesse had wanted Luke to have....except they'd never been able to get Luke close enough to them to give it to him. Carefully she broke away from the hug and hurried into her room where she was keeping the small wrapped box and the letter and brought it to Luke, saying gently. "Uncle Jesse wanted us to give this to you..."
  21. Bo nodded gently, letting go of Luke with one hand to reach Daisy and include her in the hug too. "I know...we all do Luke...more than just this family, there's loads of people out there wish Uncle Jesse was still here...but he ain't...and he was never gonna be forever...but he ain't gone completly you know? The essence of who he was is still here...he lives in us. Everytime you make a decision, everytime you work on this farm, everytime you deal with other people...its Uncle Jesse that taught you those skills Luke...."
  22. Without another word being said, Bo crossed to his older cousin and wrapped him in a gentle, supportive hug - hoping as he did that Luke would accept it and wouldn't push him away like he would have done before. More than anything, this is what Bo wanted. He wanted Luke to finally grieve with them. Rocking him softly, he rubbed Luke's back gently and whispered. "It's alright...it'll be alright now Luke..."
  23. Bo swallowed hard as Luke turned away, clenching his jaw before saying gently as tears filled his baby blue eyes. "I want t'grieve with you Luke...I miss him too..more than anythin...especially at times when I need his advice and I turn t'ask him an' he ain't there waitin in his chair no more. I may be younger than you and I know you got this crazy urge t'protect me an' Daisy from anythin that might hurt us more...but seein' you sufferin an' not bein' able t'do anythin' about it hurts more than anythin' you could say. You might have been made head of this family, but every great leader needs help. Uncle Jesse had Auntie and us...you still have us..."
  24. Clenching his jaw, Bo shook his head even more, getting to his feet and pulling Luke away from the window, making him face him. "Stop it!! Just stop it! You can't tell me that after everything you've put me an' Daisy through, after everything you've done to yourself that one trip into town talkin' t'kids all day has made ya forget everything that turned you away from us! You can't get over losin' Uncle Jesse that quickly! I know christmas is a time for miracles, heck i'd be the first one to believe it, but this ain't right!" Daisy bit her lip gently as she listened...of all the outcomes that could have happened from this plan, this was not what either of them had expected. She could see what Bo was saying, how much she and probably Luke wanted to believe that Christmas had solved all their problems, all Luke's problems, the way Luke had been acting made that hard to believe. Stepping forward, she put a hand on Bo's shoulder and a hand on Luke's gently. "Bo...c'mon calm down...I know you's been worried about Luke but don't shout...it ain't time for shoutin'...an' Luke...Bo has got a point. Its...hard to believe you can switch between two extremities like this...and before you say it, yes it is what we've wanted. We've waited for you to be happy and come back us definitly and i'm so happy your happy...but this...this is too happy considerin' everythin' that's happened cousin...you can understand right?"
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