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  1. I am excited as well! I haven't been around that much myself because of work, etc.. but I'm glad I checked the site today as the beginning of filming I would consider worth celebrating, even moreso than the premiere of the show itself. I too was only 5yrs old at the time and was in Arizona, so sadly I didn't get to partake at all. -Dave
  2. That actually makes perfect sense. I look at it this way: WB at least gave the Dukes the chance to become something. Could you imagine if FOX would have aired the show?! It would have been LUCKY to make it through the first 3 episodes, let a lone a whole season. But back on my original topic: Seasons 1 - 6 were put together much better than Season7, and now I know why..
  3. Appreciate it. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in watching its progress. So far, it's looking like it's coming along.
  4. Ok.. I vaguely remember that one. Kind of reminds me of the one where the Dukes scare the Boss & Rosco as Boss's uncle Sirus.
  5. I noticed from watching all seasons, season 7 as being the worst. There are quite a few scenes of the 'General' landing from a jump or whatnot that looks like an early CGI or even a model set. The general is much longer than it should be and the tires look horrible. Based off seasons1 - 6, does anybody know why they used a smaller budget all of a sudden? -Dave
  6. I just finished watching all 7 seasons. I don't recall this episode. That's not the alien one is it?
  7. Hope to see the finished product soon. I currently envy you right now. -Dave
  8. Get rid of Sheeves and I'll share your sentiment.
  9. I agree w/ you in some aspects, HOWEVER there's a time and place for everything, and 'American Pie' humor is not the place for 'The Dukes'. I personally like American Pie-esque movies as they're funny, but I ain't looking for Bo & Luke to pull up in the General either. That being said, I'll give the next movie a chance, but the producers HAVE to start reading what's in the forums, because without us fans, they ain't got nothin'. -Dave
  10. I was personally on the fence, but it would have been nice to see more General scenes, especially jumps..
  11. I watched it last night as I taped it on our DVR. I can agree w/ everyone that there definitely was "heart" in this one, however there was still a lot of sex, and for ABCFamily?! That kind of worried me with any 'lil ones' watching it. I didn't notice the dog changing, but I did notice a few things about the General: In one scene, the car would have a license plate, then the next scene it wouldn't, then it would be back again. The tires were black in some scenes and in others you would see the manufacturer in white (I think it was GoodYear or something). I would have been fine w/ them finding the car in the bottom of the ravine, but come on! Did it have to have the confederate flag ALREADY on the top of it and orange to boot? To me, that was not done right at all. They should have found an old rusty car at the bottom, towed it out, then painted it up, etc. And Daisy is an AWESOME painter! Wow! I couldn't see the difference between either of the "01"'s on the car. Bravo Daisy! :-) Seriously though, the movie was portrayed much better than the 05 movie, but Rosco to me was horrible. I miss the "que que que" and nobody has attempted that. Sure Rosco didn't actually do that until the second episode, but I didn't relate to this Rosco at all. That being said, the 05 Rosco was HORRIBLE, so I can deal with the new one. LuLu as we all know was a sex pot, though it was funny to hear all the 'innuendos' about the turkey. Hehe... All in all it was an 'ok' movie for me, but I won't be rushing out anytime soon to buy it. -Dave
  12. I agree that I could care less what drinks are served.. Everyone is however, entitled to their own opinion, so there's no big deal.. We all come together in a msg forum to discuss our likes/dislikes, but that doesn't mean someone has to like the same thing as you or whatever.. We should all stay on topic though, so........
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