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  1. A photomanip contest... I really should take part in this, as a photomanipulator of many years by hobby. Certainly easier than making another Dukes vid like Secret Agent Rosco Maryanne Stodola
  2. Hi, I'm Maryanne Stodola, sister of the Dukes author Sarah Stodola, who also happens to have a fic by this same name, based on the song. May I read your fic? the email link doesn't work. (mailer daemon) Thanks, MMS, author of BoRobert
  3. Not dirt-draggin' material... dirt-eatin'. Hail, Hazzard's come to a new low!
  4. Hello everyone... being a relative new citizen to the forums on HazzardNet, I've deliberated for a while on making a forum thread of my own, but what the heck, it can't hurt.. This is for all of you, whoever you might be, that took the challenge to sing/play/or perform in front of a number of people, be it at a concert venue, or singing karaoke at the bar. I HONOR YOU! Anyone care to share any stories or tear-jerking or embarrassing moments? * Well, I suppose I'll share a little bit about myself first. I've been in a professional Christian band for a year now, but I have been involved in music ... oh for a coon's age, starting with the tender age of six, when I decided to belt out songs with a semi-tonedeaf ear to a congregation of people at church. Oh the memories of the tapes when they played back to me... Gahhh!! But that is all well and good, because anybody will smile and say a kid is cute while singing even when they are painfully assaulting your ears with decibels and pitches never before attempted by any maestro. But let's talk about the more refined adult arena.... shall we? My most embarrassing moments were: 1.) I tripped on a mic cord ON VIDEO 2.) It came time to sing and I said aloud "I forgot" 3.) I was running from backstage with my mouth full 4.) I stood on one leg like a stork... and tripped. 5.) I got my flute snagged on the mic cords. Anyone?
  5. This song is fun, but the video makes it... it really does. Just my humble, little two cents.... *smirks*
  6. I know a Bo Duke who is a father... but boy is it something he never anticipated for... *sighs* By the way, how does one post a story without getting kicked in the face for it? (past experience)
  7. I wanna go, I wanna go! This time I wanna build up funds and go! I wanna see the fun, and be there, but I REALLY wanna enjoy it with the HNet family... With my sister especially = author Maryanne From Bo: "Sounds like fun.."
  8. Daney wrote: Maybe you could try entering daily April 17, 2006 ~ 12:00 a.m. CDT - May 5, 2006 ~ 11:59 p.m. CDT. http://www.cmt.com/interact/sweepstakes/dukesfest/2006/ =) Would be neat if someone from this site won! Yeah it would!!
  9. spelling correction to my last post on Brotherly Love "will you wake up" Oh... and Coy in the Great Insurance Fraud first time I saw it
  10. Boy's Best Friend made me cry... still does, when he's talking about losing Flash and her birthday present... Ghost of General Lee when Rosco tells Enos he cant help because he can't swim Carnival of Thrills when Bo leaves after fighting Luke, and he's crying Witness Jesse Duke (in the DVD version) when Daisy's praying about Uncle Jesse Brotherly Love "Dangit Luke you you wake up?!"
  11. Take note, I love the entire series but I have a number of favorites, all with reasons Season 1 1. Repo Men (just good fun) 2. High Octane (a brilliant display of moonshining and moonshiners) Season 2 1. Follow That Still! (hehehe) 2. The Ghost of General Lee Season 3 1. Carnival of Thrills (more serious story) 2. The Great Santa Clause Chase (Hohoho everyone! Also a beautiful glimpse into the Duke family at holiday time. The end with the soft "it came upon a midnight clear" without words while Boss reads a Christmas Carol grabs me) Season 4 1. The 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (great Rosco story, and very personal and serious for the Duke kids) Season 5 1. Ding Dong the Boss is Dead (this is one of the singlemost hilarious episodes of all time to me) 2. Witness Jesse Duke (can you tell I like serious ones yet? The scene in the DVD where Daisy prayed for Uncle Jesse put me in tears) 3. Big Brothers Duke (particularly the scenes about Bo and Luke arguing over an incident with a watermelon and the horse chase which is brilliant in a stop-motion frame-by-frame on the dvd) 4. Farewell Hazzard (another good family story) Season 6 1. A Baby for the Dukes (the family scenes win me every time) 2. Brotherly Love (probably my second favorite episode of all time) 3. Play it Again, Luke (this is Luke at his lovin' best) 4. Undercover Dukes (this IS my favorite episode of all time) Season 7 1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke (another good Luke story) 2. Cool Hands Luke and Bo (one day I will write a story on this one) 3. Go West Young Dukes (loving to get cowboyed up myself, this is a perfect little cowboy rp story) 4. Danger on the Hazzard Express (Bo loves his car) 5. The Haunting of J. D. Hogg (masterfully haunted <evil cackle>) 6. Opening Night at the Boar's Nest (Duke Family Singers to Boss in a fluffy tutu to a giant of a man with a giant of a gun!)
  12. I wish I could go... <frown> I wish... but I'm poorer than a cockroach stuck in an old shine barrel for 30 years
  13. Um... not much gets me... but I just HAD to give this a reply Liver (disgusting! does anybody realize what a liver *does* in the body?!?!) Picked pigs feet Brussel sprouts Asparagus Octipus coleslaw That... fancy imported Havarti-something cheese Limburger cheese bleu cheese... (it's mold... <shudder> )
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