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  1. I bought both of the movies from the internet. The 1st reunion movie was great. It was like nothing every changed. Like I said the 2nd was also great minus a couple of thing. It was very funny to see the general lee driving around in hollywood.
  2. Well got to see the 2nd reunion movie to night. It was good, but some thing was missing. It just didnt fill right. There are 3 thing that really buged me. One was that Gabby girl. I didnt like the whole love store betwwen her and Bo. Two Luke's love store. Iam a BIG Bo fan, but I really wanted Luke to get the love of his life back. (It made me sad to see Luke sad) Three, Luke wasnt the same old Luke. It seem like he wasnt really into it. BO on the other hand was great!! Minus the parts with Gabby in them. So what do you all thing about it???
  3. That brown coat did look good on him. Now is it just me but that sure looks like the coat he wears when they dress up. I want to say he wear it in High Octane & R.I.P. Henry Flatt. I know there more I just can't think of them
  4. It's all about the In The Driver's Seat
  5. I figured on the whole cold aspect see on how Bo was wearing a coat everytime they were outside, But it was nice to see them in different colors.
  6. In the x-mas episode all of the dukes where wearing something different. Bo had on a green flannel, luke was still in flannel but it was brown. So dose anyone know if this happen in other episodes?
  7. Oh one more Luke: You wouldn't know fair and square with a ruler and scale
  8. I love it! Here are some more Bo: Looks like we loss Rosco Luke: Cousin we never loss him we just miss place him Balladeer: It didn't work worth a pitcher of spit Jesse: J.D. you gotta be 3 brick shy of a full load Jesse: Didn't you hear the man say he didn't want anyone to know Cooter: What did you tell me for Rosco: Jumpin jehoshaphat!
  9. Here is one of Bo's more off the wall quote You gotta call in the dogs to see it they're wet or your not gonna find out if it raining outside.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Lost_Sheep3
  11. I thought it was spelled Beaurgard. ( I could be wrong) Here a little fact about Bo's name: The origin is French and the meaning is beautiful, handsome.
  12. Well let me tell you, you didnt miss much. I though about turn it off, but I had nothing else to do, so i watched it.
  13. Thanks for the answer. I did miss the first 10mins. of the show
  14. Can anyone tell me why Bo was not in this episode? I found it really boring with out Bo.
  15. John is so HOT. He was hot then and is hot now. He is like fine wine gets better with time. I LOVE his smile. It makes me just melt.
  16. Its all about Bo. That man could drive, and he just looked so good behind the wheel