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  1. 27 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

    That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it and keep us updated on that and any other Dukes stuff you have going on.

    Will do !
    I've got quite a bit going on:
    1- 90% done with a Hazzard Garage (Cooters) for Colt to play with
    2-Built a barn to replace our lack of one on the Barnbusters toy set. 
    3-75% done with a Mean Green Machine ($1 store jeep/legos/cardboard/foam/etc)
    4-Finally found a Martin Cougar Compound bow that's Left Handed (because I shoot archery lefty) to semi-replicate Luke's Bow.

  2. Ok, so I am home from work (forced closure due to Corona Virus Governor directive). I've been working on a bunch of projects. 
    This is a WIP (Work in Progress) of a 1:18 scale figure for Sheriff "Hammerhand" Ragsdale. 
    This is the parts I've put together from various figures to work with. I need to do some sanding on the body, then add his bracelet and sheriff stars. Then he will need to be painted up. 
    I also need to fabricate his extra gun belt and straps and possibly paint some pistols. 
    Comments and Criticisms  welcomed. 
    I'm hoping to have this completed by the end of the weekend. 

    Sheriff Ragsdale boots n pants.JPG

    Sheriff Ragsdale WIP.JPG

  3. 1 minute ago, Andrew D Charger Chaser said:

    Oh, yes, below the windscreen....those white plugs are sheet styrene.  I cut pieces that would fit the hole, then welded it in with clear liquid cement.  Then, sanding to shape, and the final blemishes are touched up with superglue sanded to shape, or Tamiya white putty also sanded to fill.  Then once primed and painted, you can't tell there was ever a problem, if I did it right.

    That's alot of work, but looks awesome !
    How long do you estimate that Boss's Caddy took you to complete ? Just curious. 

  4. 23 hours ago, Hobie Harkins said:

    It's also unrealistic that nobody ever has to fill up on gas although they do a lot of driving!

    Do they even still sell gas at the Boars Nest since old Brodie went missing ?
    Gas pumps at Cooter's in occasional use...usually for out-of-towners.
    The only other Gas Station I remember is the small store/station that they run down to to use the pay phone in a few episodes.
    Wish they would have used Homer Griggs (?) General Store in more episodes


  5. 3 hours ago, HossC said:

    Someone on IMCDb points out that when Roxanne Huntley sniffs the gas tank at the end of 'High Octane', the car's original color appears to be brown. However, given the damage that Burt's car must've sustained in  the chase, especially that hard landing across the back of the barge, I doubt that it would still have been around six years later.

    Yes, I also did further digging instead of just wondering. Apparently all of White Lightning was filmed in Arkansas so not very likely that car would end up in Georgia years later. It was a cool thought though.


  6. 6 hours ago, HossC said:

    IMCDb has Black Tillie designated as a 1971 Ford Custom 500, but there is some debate about the exact model due to all the chrome being removed/painted over. That is the same make/model and year as the car driven by Burt in 'White Lightning'.

    I mean I was wondering if the car they used for Sweet Tilly was one of the cars they used physically in the film "White Lightning

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