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    • Not too get to political but an interesting thing happened in Connecticut last week... A high school student got arrested for a social media post about a classmate. The charge was ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality, race and 2nd degree breach of peace. According to the article there were no threats made in the social media post, just disparaging racist remarks. Will be interesting to see if they can actually get a guilty verdict out of this considering the 1st amendment aka Freedom of Speech. If they do get a guilty verdict I'm sure this will be taken to the supreme court eventually.
    • I figured out of the "rookie" Indycar class this year Romain would be the one that would acclimate the best. I would not be surprised to see him win at least once before the season is over. At Dover it was a Hendrick Motorsports smackdown. Kyle Larson dominated winning both the stages however it was his teammate Alex Bowman in the 48 who would lead the team to a 1,2,3,4 finish.  Top 10 1 Alex Bowman 2 Kyle Larson 3 Chase Elliot 4 William Byron 5 Joey Logano 6 Kevin Harvick 7 Denny Hamlin 8 Tyler Reddick 9 Daniel Suarez 10 Cole Custer
    • Things have finally settled down to the new normal around here. It really was crazy for awhile. My mother-in- law was a great person and I will miss her. I'll catch up on posts tomorrow. I hope everybody had a good weekend. 
    • I see that Romain Grosjean took his first IndyCar pole at the Grand Prix of Indianapolis this weekend and ended up finishing second. He's due to make a one-off return to F1 with a demonstration run at the French Grand Prix next month.
    • Yesterday was fun... Trailing arm snapped while the wife was out running errands leaving her stranded. She called a friend who has AAA so it could at least get towed back home. Dispatcher goofed up the address and sent the driver to the wrong place. After 90 minutes my wife called AAA again asking where the tow truck was and was told "nobody was there" to which my wife replied I've been stranded here for the past 2 hours I haven't gone anywhere and was told it would be about 6:30 till another truck could be dispatched to her. She found a number to the tow company our mechanic gave us and called that and he was there within half an hour and towed it to the mechanics. I don't know if AAA is short handed or what but with service like that I'm glad I didn't waste money on a membership this year. 
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