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Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham's SRX series kicked off Saturday night at Stafford Motor Speedway. It started off non dramatic as all the driver's where feeling out the cars. Greg Biffle led all the laps and won Heat 1.

Heat two saw a lot more action and the local "superstar" Doug Coby win after passing Michael Waltrip who led most of heat 2.

The Main Feature Race action got even more intense with several passes and bumping and moving. It was also won by the local guy Doug Coby who dominated from lap 65. 

Main Feature Race Results

1 Doug Coby

2 Greg Biffle

3 Tony Stewart

4 Helio Castroneves

5 Bobby Labonte

6 Ernie Francis Jr

7 Tony Kansas

8 Willy T Ribbs

9 Paul Tracy

10 Marco Andretti

11 Michael Waltrip

12 Bill Elliot.

There were a few hiccups but they had a few backup cars to keep all the driver's in the race. The pace car was awesome, 1934 Ford coupe. The engine sounds reminded me of Nascar from the 90's. 

This Saturday night they'll be at Knoxville Raceway. 

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SRX series was on the dirt at Iowa's Knoxville Raceway. Tony Stewart dominated winning the first heat race and main Feature Race. Indycar stars Marco Andretti and Helio Castroneves seemed giddy as kids playing in the mud racing on dirt first time since they began they're racing careers. Helio would have finished 2nd in one of the heat races if he didn't get the laps mixed up at the end. Michael Waltrip was a strong contender despite not racing on dirt for well over a decade if not two. Bill Elliott's car suffered another similar malfunction in this race as at Stafford. Paul Tracy and Michael Waltrip played bumper cars again. The third race this Saturday night should be interesting between those two.

Main Feature results

1 Tony Stewart

2 Hallie Deegan

3 Ernie Francis Jr

4 Helio Castroneves

5 Michael Waltrip

6 Bobby Labonte

7 Marco Andretti

8 Brian Brown

9 Scott Bloomquist

10 Willy T Ribbs

11 Bill Elliot

12 Paul Tracy

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  • 2 weeks later...

The SRX series was at Eldora this past Saturday night and the action was hot. Tempers flared and the cars got used up and most of them will need new body panels for the next race this Saturday night. If you missed it you can watch it here 

Tony Stewart won the first heat. Marco Andretti shocked everyone winning the 2nd heat. Tony Stewart won the main Feature after passing local racer Kody Swanson and Paul Tracy who led the most laps.

Bill Elliott got a new car although they did find the gremlin in his other car from the previous two races but they wanted to give him a new one just in case any issues popped up. 

This race was the most watched too date with 1.38 million viewers tuning in. It almost matched Saturday's Pocono cup race on NBCSN and beat both Xfinity and Truck series races on NBCSN and FS1 respectively.

Main Feature results

1 Tony Stewart

2 Kody Swanson

3 Helio Castroneves

4 Marco Andretti

5 Paul Tracy

6 Scott Speed

7 Tony Kanaan

8 Ernie Francis Jr

9 Willy T Ribbs

10 Michael Waltrip

11 Bobby Labonte

12 Bill Elliot

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SRX Series was back on asphalt this week at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indiana. SRX had a little fun with Paul Tracy by having him show up in the back of a police car for security :lol:. Scott Speed dominated the 1st heat race leading all the laps and winning. Helio Castroneves won the 2nd heat race after passing Paul Tracy on the 5th lap. Ernie Francis Jr won the Main Feature Race leading all but 11 or 21 laps, typo on SRX website not sure which number is correct.

Main Feature Race Results

1 Ernie Francis Jr

2 Bobby Labonte

3 Scott Speed

4 Marco Andretti

5 Bobby Santos

6 Michael Waltrip

7 Tony Stewart

8 Paul Tracy

9 Helio Castroneves

10 Tony Kanaan

11 Willy T Ribbs

12 Bill Elliot

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Tempers got heated again at Slinger speedway. Paul Tracy used his bumper up. Marco Andretti won both Heat races and the main Feature Race. Local star Luke Fenhaus came close to winning the Main Feature Race but a late caution wreck that took out a few cars allowed Marco Andretti to get the jump on Luke on the final restart.

Main Feature Race Results

1 Marco Andretti

2 Luke Fenhaus

3 Tony Stewart

4 Hallie Deegan

5 Bobby Labonte

6 Ernie Francis Jr

7 Willy T Ribbs

8 Greg Biffle

9 Bill Elliot

10 Helio Castroneves

11 Michael Waltrip

12 Paul Tracy

The finale this Saturday will be at historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. 

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If you want to see some of the behind the scenes stuff at the SRX races Hailie Deegans YouTube channel has a few videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC61Cf_xnxEHa-8Dvas3pQHg

Paul Tracy doesn't come off too well in the Slinger Speedway one, talk about classless. He's lucky none of the other racers were there to hear what he called Hailie, Tony probably would knocked him on his butt.

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If you watched it Saturday night you seen shades of the old Awesome Bill from Dawsonville. They put Bill Elliot and Chase Elliot on the first row for the first heat and Bill took advantage of it and lead all but one lap. 

Helio Castroneves dominated the second Heat race. He's really getting the hang of full body race cars during this series, would be interesting to see what he could do in a Nascar Cup car.

The Main Feature Race was once again a race between the Elliot's. Awesome Bill lead most of the laps but pushed too hard in a turn on a restart and fell back to 5th but managed to get back to 3rd. Bobby Labonte also had a good night finishing 3rd, 4th and 4th. Tony Stewart won the series Championship.

Main Feature Race Results

1 Chase Elliot

2 Tony Stewart

3 Bill Elliot

4 Bobby Labonte

5 Paul Tracy

6 Ernie Francis Jr

7 Michael Waltrip

8 Tony Kanaan

9 Helio Castroneves

10 Hailie Deegan

11 Marco Andretti

12 Willy T Ribbs

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  • 11 months later...

Season 2 of the SRX series opened in Pensacola with Indycar stars dominating Five Flags Speedway. Local star Bubba Pollard won Heat one. Helio Castroneves won Heat 2 and the Main. SRX CEO Don Hawk made a bet with Helio that if Helio won one SRX race he would do everything he could to get home a ride in next year's Daytona 500. I hope they can get him a good one as it would be neat to see Helio win and become a triple crown champion like Mario and AJ. 

Main Results

1. Helio Castroneves
2. Bubba Pollard
3. Ryan Newman
4. Tony Kanaan
5. Bobby Labonte
6. Greg Biffle
7. Marco Andretti
8. Ryan Hunter-Reay
9. Bill Elliott
10. Tony Stewart
11. Ernie Francis Jr.
12. Paul Tracy
13. Michael Waltrip


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Even though it wasn't as hot in South Boston as it was in last week's race at Five Flags Speedway temper's we're flaring and it got physical with cars and driver's. Greg Biffle showed he still can win after passing Marco Andretti for the lead and holding off a hard charging Tony Stewart to win Heat 1. Paul Tracy was leading and looked like he was going to dominate Heat 2 till Helio Castroneves dive-bombed and spun him out of the way and went on to win Heat 2. In the back of the pack things were getting heated between driver's and 'Uncle Tony' had enough and let Ernie Francis Jr know about it. They worked things out before the main feature though. Tony Stewart and Marco Andretti made up the front row for the main feature but it didn't take long for Tony to take the lead and keep it. Paul Tracy got taken out of the race after Ryan Hunter-Reay used his car to keep from wrecking. Michael Waltrip was Ryan Hunter-Reay's next victim after Ryan knocked him out of the way. Michael didn't take it lying down though as he retaliated during the caution before parking his wrecked car. Marco Andretti tried getting second back from Greg Biffle but it didn't work out well and he ended up in last place but came back to finish 8th.

Main Feature results

1 - #14 - Tony Stewart
2 - #69 - Greg Biffle
3 - #18 - Bobby Labonte
4 - #39 - Ryan Newman
5 - #06 - Helio Castroneves
6 - #6 - Tony Kanaan
7 - #5 - Ernie Francis Jr.
8 - #98 - Marco Andretti
9 - #1 - Ryan Hunter-Reay
10 - #26 - Peyton Sellers
11 - #15 - Michael Waltrip (DNF)
12 - #3 - Paul Tracy (DNF)

Next Saturday night SRX heads to Stafford.

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