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John on The Doctors


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John Schneider is going to be on The Doctors tomorrow morning. They showed a little clip of it this morning and he was defending the Confederate Flag on the Dukes. I am pleasantly surprised that network TV would give him air time to defend the show. Things like this sure help to get Dukes back on the air. The episode will air Thurday May 20 at 9am EST on ABC. Skipper, please post this on FB. 

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They actually have the videos up on their website now https://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/john-schneider-on-being-unapologetic-about-dukes-of-hazzard 

Love how the lady says she grew up on the Dukes but now won't watch it because of the flag and keeps hammering her point no matter what John says. The other Dr made a good call by ending the interview there as she was just going to keep it up.

Here's the other part of the interview https://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/dukes-of-hazzards-john-schneider-takes-on-modern-day-bullying


I also shared the links on your FB post.

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You're right. I wish John would have had a little more time to state his case. The lady clearly didn't know how to deal with simple logic. I'm not sure if they cut the interview off because of time or because they were protecting her from embarrassing herself. John was fantastic.

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