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Bo Duke...What Do YOU Think He Was Like?

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Bo is immature at times, but as you watch the series from beginning to end, you see him grow up a little more as time goes on and things happen that makes him realize just how much growing up he has to do. Instances of that are when Luke or Jesse or Daisy gets hurt and you see him begging them to wake up or if he has a fight with Luke and he comes to realize just how stupid he was being.

He was cute and he knew it, and he used to to his advantage in any situation which did get him into a lot of trouble. He definatly looks up to Luke a lot, always eager to please him and make him proud. I think it hurts Bo a lot when they fight, even if he is the one to start it.

But he is definatly a family guy, who doesn't shy away from responsibilty and is always hell bent on making sure those he loves are protected and safe. I think at first glance, a parent would be worried yes about their daughter dating him, but as they got to know him and see the ideals and priorities he has, I think they would feel more comfortable.

Just my opinion of course.

Thank-you. well said. I totally agree.

I am VERY much so agree with you! :D

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bo was the absolute best. he was everything every girl would ever want and it didn't matter what he did you couldn't help but to love him. he was fearless, carefree, brave, loving, sweet, and so much more. he never backed down from a challange with is something i admire. could just be cuz i'm alot like that. lol. he always watched out for the ones he loved and cared about. and he wore his heart and emotions on his sleeve. i personally love that. he was a lover and a fighter when he had to be. he always got fired up if someone tried to do something that he didn't think was right and always did something abou tit. he was immature but thats something that makes him soo cute. he didn't really think things through before he did something but i think alot of us can relate to him in that way sometimes. he had all the pride in the world and thats great. and thats something all the dukes had which was awesome. he toke the blame for things that he did wrong. thats what i think about bo.

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