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On 9/2/2020 at 2:06 PM, Skipper Duke said:

Hello y'all! Would any of the fanfic writers here on the HazzardNet be interested in writing stories with me? Or can I join in on a story of y'alls?

Late October 1977, 

- Balladeer "Well since moonshine season is just about over with, Uncle Jesse and the boys decided to make one last liquor run"

Early in the morning just before dawn. The boys headed into to town to grab 100 pounds of sugar. Uncle Jesse stayed back at the farm to finish grinding up some malted corn he had sprouted a week prior. 

- Bo "Turns his head to speak to Luke while riding shotgun in the truck and says, Well Luke you reckon we ought to bring Cooter in on this run?"

- Luke "I know what you mean cousin, something just ain't feelin right about this run, things around Hazzard have just been to calm lately."

After grabbing the sugar. Bo and Luke head over to the garage and meet up with Cooter

- Cooter "What cha say lead foot, how's it going Farrah Fawcett"

-Luke "Hey Coot, we gotta ask ya something. How'd you feel about helping us out with this run. Something just ain't feeling right and we could use another set of eyes............................................

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