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I'm Looking forward to Season 3 that it gonna be released on my Birthday

YEEHAW !!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:):):):):):) I Can't wait

Here is the episodes that i want released on DVD and why

Brotherly Love : which is my all time favorite cause it is a Luke Duke story

Goodbye General Lee : Another one my favorites because i love seeing Luke on the oppsite side of the Fence.

When you Wish upon a hogg : Because i think Bo and Luke look like Angels when their Zonked out plus i like it cause When Bo and Luke wake up they have a mild case of Amnesia for once they don't know what Boss is up to I think the Cover Art should be a picture from one of the episodes

like Brotherly Love or a Picture of Bo and Luke with their arms around his other ?

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53. 3-17 13-Feb-1981 Along Came a Duke -- I always liked this one because it let's us meet Jeb Stewart Duke the cousin Bo and Luke got caught running shine with -- though it doesn't tell HOW!

41. 3-5 14-Nov-1980 And in this Corner, Luke Duke ---- This one IS HOT!! I have it on VHS -- In one interview Tom said that he was in the best shape of his life for this show. AND IT SHOWS!!!! There's a lot of no shirt pictures and in SHORTS!! :wink:

40. 3-4 07-Nov-1980 The Hazzardville Horror --- I love the ending she kissies Luke to say thanks and Bo is WAITING for a kiss. She never takes her eyes off Luke, shakes Bo's hand and says, "Thanks Bo!" Bo was peeved Luke, Daisy, Cooter and Jesse crack up!!!!

As for the cover, I think it should be like season one and two -- similar yet different picture of Bo, Luke, Daisy, and the General Lee. Did you notice the shot on season 1 -- That was a posted back in MY time but look at the General Lee there is no '01' on the door!!!!! The posted was the same way.. BIG goof!

I for one DO NOT WANT TO SEE BO AND LUKE "HOLDING EACH OTHER" ON THE COVER!!!!! Lord, knows they were close cousins but that's a bit TOO close for my taste!!!


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Most of my favorite episodes are in season three:

Hazzardville Horror

Carnival of Thrills

And In This Corner, Luke Duke

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane

Baa, Baa White Sheep

Some other favorites of mine:

Play It Again, Luke (season 6)

Double Dukes (season 4)

Happy Birthday, General Lee (season 7)

Goodbye, General Lee (season 4)

Farewell, Hazzard (season 5)

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Duke (season 7)

Twin Trouble (season 6)

Brotherly Love (season 6)

As for cover art, I think it's fine the way it is so far, featuring Bo, Luke, and Daisy with the General Lee (though it'll be interesting to see if Coy & Vance are on the cover of season 5, even though Bo & Luke are in 4 episodes this year).

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I want to see them all.

But I hope they release the last season cause I want to see Happy Birthday General Lee and Enos and Daisy's almost wedding.

It has been so long since I seen the seasons after the first 2 that I don't know what most are about. and want them all.

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Yeah, the later seasons are a must.

There was such a late burst of creativity in Season 7 that gave us some of their best shows:

Happy Birthday, General Lee

Go West, Young Dukes

Enos and Daisy's Wedding

Cool Hands, Bo and Luke

Danger on the Hazzard Express

Welcome, Waylon Jennings

No More Mr. Nice Guy

And I am really looking forward to Season 5...the Coy and Vance episodes...which we haven't seen unedited in YEARS. Plus, hey, these episodes are not THAT bad, guys! Sure, nobody can ever replace John and Tom, but Jimmy Best and Sorrell Booke are hillarious in Season 5.

Plus, there are many great episodes in Season 6....so bring them on!

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Jessi, I think Kitty meant a pic like the ones you see with the boys having their arms around each other's shoulders that you find on the Net - or see a lot of in the show.

But by the way, on that topic... the boys *did* hold each other sometimes when one was upset, or sleep close together in the car or a jail cell, and etc. I think you're falling "prey" to the assumption that is far too rampant nowadays of physical closeness having to be sexual or wrong in nature. The Duke family did *not* seem to buy into that idea (neither does mine for that matter), and none of the kids - Luke, Daisy, or Bo - are afraid to touch Jesse or each other because they're *family*, much more like siblings than cousins. They all depend on each other emotionally as well as as a working team. I think that kind of family trust and intimacy is a beautiful thing, myself.

Back to pics - I think that a buddy pic would be kinda nice actually... though I am partial to, for covers, pictures with at least the three cousins if not other characters too. Just two people, though a nice pic, I'm not sure would make as good a DVD cover. It should at least be the boys and the General.

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As for later seasons - yeah, bring 'em on *please*. <smile> Seasons 6 and 7 have many of my most favorite episodes - creative and more family-dramatic - and even 5 really does have some great Rosco/Boss/Jesse/deputies stuff.

Some of my other favorites from the later seasons (some were already mentioned):

Brotherly Love

Undercover Dukes

the one where they make the haunted house (can't remember the name)

A Boy's Best Friend

Opening Night At The Boar's Nest

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Yes! Our faithful Deputies Enos and Cletus do deserve a mention for their work on Season 5...they are always good, but it was particuarly cool to see them together on several episodes during the 5th Season. I wish Cletus would have hung around after that, too, or at least made guest appearances like he did in the first two seasons!

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The last two seasons are my fav. 8)

Daisy and Enos' Wedding :D

Close Call for Daisy

Targets Daisy and Lulu

Happy B-Day Gen. Lee

Enos' Last Chance

Season 5 isnt all that bad. Enos is at least back. :D

And I do like Enos in Trouble and Return of the Big Green Machine.

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Dixie Lee_01,

I'm not the only one that took it that. It's ok if comfort hold, but the way I and others took it was not a comfort type hold. Kitty should have explained it better. I don't know what show your talking about but I never saw the boys hold each other while sleeping. To pick on me because I said someting is not right there was other post that felt the same way. :-?

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