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On The Set Of " High Octane " PM Magazine - 1979

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Thanks for the link. I love how John was still claiming to be a local boy while they were filming the fifth episode.

Anybody that would pay attention to the way he talked ( e.g. when he said " Hogg", like when he was in " My Son Bo Hogg"), could tell he was a Yankee. At least some of the real actors, like Sorrel and Jimmy could fake it! LOL!! He, Tom and Cathrine had the look, but Jimmy, Denver and Sorrel were the REAL actors!

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mmmmm...kinda sorta, but no where near the same league as Sorrel, Denver and Jimmy! ( And between those 3, I'd say it's a toss up between Sorrel and Jimmy!)

I misunderstood Hobie's original comment- I though he was referring to the 'real deal' of the southern accent, being from the south, etc. I was pointing out Ben was a 'real deal' southerner like Jimmy Best. That's what I get for trying to speed read!

Yes, I'd say Jimmy, Sorrel and Denver had the market cornered on acting range and experience. Funny- as a kid you don't know all that stuff and just accept what you see on he show. Its so much fun to look back now and realize what an amazing mix of talent went into a show that so many were dismissive of.


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