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James Best in The Sweeter Side of Life on The Hallmark Channel Jan. 19th!

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Awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you're thinking, Roger Duke only thinks it was awesome because of the Dukes connection but that's not true at all. I really loved it and thought that the writing, directing and acting were all first rate. I enjoyed every minute of it!

But of course the Dukes connections were awesome.

Yes, Redneck Girl, I did see the Bo Duke poster in her room. It was hard to miss. I could also make out John Schneider's autograph. Since that was her room when she was younger I assume she was a Bo fan. Imagine that.......Sheriff Rosco's daughter being in love with a Duke boy! How scandelous!

I also enjoyed hearing Rosco say "I love it. I love it!" and "Good grief!" The first happened when he was playing poker on the sidewalk and the second was later in the movie when they were also on the sidewalk.

I was wondering if Jimmie's real life daughter had a cameo appearence. I see her name listed on the credits (writing and directing I believe) but I thought I saw a customer in the bakery that looked like it might be her.

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The Hallmark Channel no longer exists in the UK and Ireland. It was re-branded to Universal Channel in 2010, and now just shows re-runs of programs like 'Law and Order' and 'CSI', so my chances of seeing this movie are virtually nil :(. I'll have to keep checking schedules and other resources - maybe someone will post it on YouTube.

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Good news! Good news! Teenser sent me this...

“The Sweeter Side of Life” was seen by nearly 3.1 million unduplicated viewers. Competitively, “The Sweeter Side of Life”ranked as the #2 rated Prime Time ad-supported cable movie of the DAY, as well as the #3 movie of the WEEK, beating theatrical titles such as “Cinderella” (ABC Fam), “Iron Man 2” (FX), “The Book of Eli” (TNT), “Aladdin” (ABC Fam), “Wedding Crashers” (CMDY), “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (TNT) and “Spiderman 3".

The Bests would like to thank all the fans that helped make this possible.

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