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has anybody heard why they took the dukes off cmt


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Brian will probably have a better answer to this than anyone but I don't think anybody really knows. We're a little worried that it's because of the Confederate Flag controversy but that's just speculation and nothing more so don't take it too seriousely. CMT's airings of the Dukes have been unpredictable and inconsistent through the years so who knows what they're thinking.

We'll just have to continue to play the waiting game.

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RogerDuke you're right just found out alittle while ago why cmt won't show dukes of hazzard anymore warner bros has banned the show from been seen on network tv like cmt even there movies as well far the report from screencrush.com goes the show won't be seen in the future thats really bad news its been 33 years since dukes of hazzard has been made why do people keep picking on the flag samething happen in 2007 5 years ago with naacp calling it a racist in my book i'll don't see nothing wrong with it us just hope it ain't true about the show never be back on tv again thank you guys for the update if i'll hear anything you will be the first to know :-P

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I have no proof of what's going on with the Dukes being off the air from CMT. Only theories.

Thus far CMT hasn't bothered taking down the "Dukes Ride Again" Facebook page, but they have removed ALL Dukes of Hazzard references from their main website, CMT.com.

WB is supposedly NOT taking the flag off the General Lee...but I'm not sure that means any more GL's are being made after Jan 1 2013. At all.

Ben isn't the only one that got a reply from a Tomy rep about the whole GL flag issue. I had gotten this, on Aug 29:


Dear Brian:

Thank you for your email.

You are correct. Starting in 2013, the General Lee will not be made with the confederate flag on the roof.

Hope this helps,


Consumer Service


WB denied this, after Ben Jones heard it from his own die-cast rep and made a fuss, and the national media got involved.

But WB doesn't like being backed into a corner. This is WHY HazzardNet treads damn carefully around Warner Bros. We wouldn't get away with saying the things Ben did.

After the whole mess, it's very possible that Dukes fans are in for some politically correct backlash.

In the form of the original Dukes not being on the air. Ever. Again.

Ironically, the 2005 movie did a true job of being insulting with the rebel flag on the car, thanks to the "blackface" scene which wasn't funny and did nothing but add real insult to any perceived insult.

Meanwhile, it's no secret that WB has commissioned a new Dukes of Hazzard-ish movie of some kind or another. I have no proof, no facts, no sources, but my guess is, it will be a "prequel" kind of story, sans General Lee, or at least sans rebel flag paint job. It neatly solves all of WB's politically correct concerns by creating a new Dukes era and new, politically correct marketing opportunities.

To prevent confusion and unwanted comparison, it wouldn't surprise me if the original series, the 2005 movie, and "The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning" were swept under the rug for good. Along with the "old" General Lee as we know it.

All this is theory and PURE SPECULATION on my part. Do not run with this and say "HazzardNet says" because this isn't coming from the site as official news or even as a rumor. (we always have some basis for anything we report, even if it's in speculative stages. We always have a source.)

So, all this yammer above has not been approved by MeadowMufn or MaryAnne and is my personal theory only. And, the only reason I'm even sharing it, is because I'm hoping I'm completely wrong and that somebody, somewhere, has a 2013 GL diecast with the flag on it, and a CMT schedule showing the Dukes back on. Maybe this message could get them to wave it in my face. I'd be glad to see it.

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Racism is a serious issue and this worldwide, but not allowing a car carrying a flag on the roof is stupid. The story is already done and can not be changed, today sure you educate children so that they accept each other.

My fear is that force WB to place a flag on the roof of the General Lee:

I hope it does not come to fruition January 2013, will be very sad. hug (man) ajajajaajjaja.

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