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Well I am 43 years old and a huge Dukes fan I can still remeber the night my family sat and watched the first episode, I get goose bumps just thinking back on it. After that first episode I had to have everything duke and I became a Mopar nut at age 11. This show really brought out my love of anything with a motor,Well as long as it was Mopar! I remember in High school Dukes came on in the afternoon at 4:00 pm annd I had to be home in time to watch it. My friends new that after school They might as well not bother me until 5;00 pm when dukes was over. In 2005 We rushed to the theater for the new movie. The Dukes movie was good but I wish it would have carried the tradition of being family friendly. It is a joy to sit and watch the original series with my 11 year old son whos name is LUKE because he absolutely loves it. He is dying to see the movie from 2005 but with the nudity and language I told him he would have to wait. I did let him watch the fight scene at the Boars Nest from the 2005 movie and he really got a kick out of that. I am glad to find this site!! BTW when you look at the satelite Images of Lenora rd where the duke farm was I see that there is A newer home there now and you can see the farm house chimneys still standing, does anyone know if the old house fell down or did the new property owners dismantel it? Just wondering if anyone knows.

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Welcome to Hazzard County Sheppard!

I love to hear posts from someone who loves the show as much as you do.

I also love it when I hear someone raising their kid right. I wholeheartedly agree with your decision to not allow Luke to watch the movie.

By the way, I have a 3 year old grandson (also named Luke) and he loves the Dukes cartoon series!

We look forward to hearing more from you.

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