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Hazzard Homecoming Update

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Rumor has it that Tom Wopat will be at Hazzard Homecoming for both days, August 11 and 12. Along with this report comes the rumor of a "stunt demonstration", but we don't know if this involves cars or bikes or what at this point.

There are more Dukes shindigs going on this year than you can shake a dipstick at! We'll keep you posted as more details roll in.

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Brian, What can you tell me about Livingston, Louisiana? I read on the Hazzard net about it, but I haven't seen anything else about this appearance. Are they really going to be there, because I am trying to make plans to attend. Thanks very much.

Howdy! As far as we can tell, from the multiple press releases and the advertising that is being done by the promoters, as of today...

All the surviving cast members of the show will be there, EXCEPT for Tom Wopat. We had previous info that said he was going to be there, but then after correlating it with Tom's info, it does not sound like he's going. Yet the FB page said he's going to be there...and we have a press release saying he is not, due to a schedule conflict. Tom's site also does not make any mention of the event. We will do our best to sort this out!

Press release saying No Tom

Press release saying Tom will be there

Tom's official website with appearance schedule does not include this event

We do our best to give ya'll accurate info, so we apologize for the confusion - but you can see why we're confused! Meanwhile, the only "official" website for this Livingston shindig seems to be the Facebook page:


This shindig is being heavily advertised locally, and it's a FREE event. They have a Dukes-decorated semi-trailer parked across from the Walmart to help advertise, and they are running ads in the Sunday paper. The crowd here could be enormous. So, if you're going, book your hotel now, and show up early - like, really early, to the event.

We will pass along more info as we get it!

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