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The Boars Nest in California

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The California Boars Nest were just sets,they weren't pre existing buildings. Depending on how you want to look at it there were atleast 4 Cali Boars Nests.

Each time WB moved ranch,everything came with them,and since they moved ranch 3 times there were 3 exterior Boars Nests.

When the show finished the Boars Nest stayed standing until the early 90's. The reason it stayed standing for so long is because WB owned the land.

There was atleast 2 soundstage Boars Nests. One with the bar on the left and one with the bar on the right. There was also a frontal facade built in a soundstage as well,but that could have been part of the existing set.

Hope I helped :)

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Where was the Boar's nest at Lyons Ranch/Valencia Oaks?

Check out the Valencia Oaks Movie Ranch thread - you'll find maps like the one below and screengrabs from Dukes and Knight Rider. The screengrabs were mainly taken at ground level, so even if the vegetation has changed, you should still be able to recognize the surrounding hills. The map also shows you where Tom Sarmento's shop was. The top right of the blue line is where the realtor's board is on The Old Road.


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