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Daisy/Enos .... in comics (photo editing)


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Alex-Dukes gave me a great idea, thanks his (her? :-?) great photo montages.

So I started to play with pictures, changing them in a ... personally... way.

Here's Hazzard (I mean... Enos/Daisy) in a new perspective: a mix of japan anime, comics... and Hazzard.

OK, I'm totally fool, I know... But I like it... I like it

Enos/Daisy wedding!!!!


High school?


And here... well... it's their business....


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Thank you, Alex. I'm glad you liked my new way to waste my time :innocent:

OK, it's not a waste of time... for me... but someone could think I really totally fool. So, in my foolishness, I'm thinking of a new way to write fanfic.... a sort of picture-fanfic (every picture telling us a little story). Maybe next year, by now I'm only thinking 'bout it. I read Garrett saying she sometimes uses a picture as a model for her writing... describing the picture, or creating a story from it (like in the "Photo challenge"). I'm only thinking "Hey, what if I create a story based on a created picture?". I really don't know if the picture comes first and the story after, or the other way (first the idea for a story and then the picture). Anyway, next year I'm goin' to test it. For sure I'm goin' to post new pictures ... in comic-anime-style.

Stay tuned.

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i1976, whatever your creative inspiration, go for it. By experimenting with known quantities and characters, you build skills. Be it writing, art, what have ya. I've seen a lot of people hone their writing and artistic talents over the years by working with Dukes of Hazzard characters and settings.

Ya know, I once had a friend who was into Luke Duke and liked to write fanfic, pairing him up with a "Mary Sue" character and putting them into different situations. ( all fairly innocent but dramatic.) She went on to sell short-story romances to magazines. One of her checks was for $1,000. For a short story! She just changed the names and location, revamped a fanfic, and got a paycheck. I about fell over.

Anyhow! Never feel that what you're doing is dumb. It's a natural creative process. In fact, here's a nice, edgy photo of Enos for ya.


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Thank you, Brian!!! :)

Thank you for your words...and for the picture too (every Enos' picture is welcome). You know, you're right: my writing skills are goin' better and better after years spent writing (and reading) fics. And I love to write fic even now, after so many years.

I made an attempt to draw ... but I'm more used to draw manga than real live people. Then....fan vids, another of my passion.

And now, I'm having a huge interest in picture editing, attempting something new (Enos/Daisy behind the scene using a comic/manga style): I'm enjoying it, even if my "pictures" for sure are not ... professional.

Thinkink 'bout it, well, my creative processes are always inspired by DOH's universe. :innocent:

And Haddarznet had to take, year by year, all my lushes of creativity: fics... and drawnings... and fan vids... and now, not satisfied, picture editing, LOL

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i1976, I've always loved your portals of Daisy and Enos. You are not a fool. Brian is right and the fact that you keep on with your creativity makes you a true artist. You give something you love, your own look and style. I love your style. I know my own is different but that's the beauty of being a fanfic writer and an artist. You develope a style which is a sense of giving the world a peice of yourself. I love your work and would love to see more.

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Thank you Val, your words mean a lot to me. :)

You're a great fanfic writer, and I've always read your stories..., so, I'm waiting for your come back (there's a story of yours here waiting for uptades, don't forget it ;))

Are you really waiting for more? Are you sure?

Ok, you won.


Oh... my ... gosh. I'm really having a obsession for photo editing; thinking 'bout it, it's not so strange since it joins two of my passions: Enos/Daisy and japan anime. Anyway, some years ago, on this Forum, I said I'd have liked to see DOH in japan style :innocent:. It was probably the seed of my recent works.

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Hey, does someone enjoy it, or am I wasting my time?

The fact that you enjoyed making these pictures means they weren't a waste of time, no matter what other people's opinions are. Having said that, I know from posting my own pictures here that it's good to get some sort of feedback. From reading the other comments it's clear that I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing your pictures, and always look at new ones that you've posted - I apologize for not commenting earlier. Even though I don't really read/watch any Anime I can still appreciate the work you put into these. Also, despite playing around with photos myself, I have no idea how you do most of them :confused:.

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