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Anyone want to re-watch from the beginning?

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Forgive me if I've placed this in the wrong section. I'm new here and am still trying to navigate my way around. I just posted an introduction to myself in the Introduce Yourself section. Go check it out. The reason for this post is to see if anyone would like to re-watch the show from the beginning. I am starting Season 1 early next week! Whoever else wants to, we can discuss the episodes as we watch them! Just let me know =D

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Many of us here have all 7 seasons on DVD, but I'm sure we're all at different places. From reading other posts it looks like most of us watch through from start to finish and then start over again - I know Roger made it a New Year's resolution to watch more :).

From time to time we do come to an agreement for a group to all watch the same episode at the same time, sometimes in conjunction with the chat room. Keep an eye out for the next one, or suggest one yourself.

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Started Season 1 ep. 1 on Thanksgiving night. Watched 1-2 eps a day. My current place is in the subject line. Has anyone ever noticed one of the opening credits from season 2 or 3 has Rosco's car doing the BIG jump (the record one that was reuseed in the first reunion movie) instead of the General. I have also. been slowly working on my Boss Hogg impression...its coming along...still haven't perfected his cackle of his...

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Howdy! I actually just started re-watching them about a week ago. Sadly I am only on Episode 7. :( It has been about a show a night. I also only have the first four seasons. I don't like buying DVDs from the internet, they usually come messed up, so when I am out I can only find the other seasons for $40 a piece at FYE or Best Buy. I have never paid that much for any show or movie. So I keep waiting to find them on sale.

I started to re-watch them because I was trying to find my favorite Daisy outfit, to post in that thread...I know what it looks like, but I cant for the life of me remember anything about the episode. Other than when she had it on, she was coming out of the farm house. That is my main goal to find it!!

And JDhoggjr good luck on your Boss Impression!! :)

Hahahaha I just realized that this post is from two years ago!! JDhoggjr brought it back to life... :)

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Oh well. As for seasons, i was just at my local sams club the other day and i saw seasons 3-7 for about ten bucks a piece. If you are willing to pay forty, someone is shuckin n jiving you for something that came out years ago.

I never noticed either, until I went back to see when the others posted. And really!! I know Wally World bout two years ago had the first few seasons for 13 dollars but I already had them! I wish I was a member of Sam's Club now... I have only ever been in there once. And I am not willing to pay 40 for them hence the reason I only have the first four seasons...I think that is an outrageous price, for any dvd series. As you said they came out years ago. I figured they would be way down in price by now but they are not. So I reckon I will continue to wait and look.

Until then I will enjoy the seasons that I have!! 8)

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