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2010 Championship Award Ceremony

Garrett Duke

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Well, I for one, am having a hard time believing that the 2010 NASCAR season is over and that I am left waiting three months until the next race. It just seems wrong not to have a race on to watch on Sundays! Well lucky for me that there is a few breaks in the off season that either have a preseason race or for this instance, the award ceremony.:popcorn:

The NASCAR award ceremony will be in Las Vegas as it was last year and only the top ten drivers are allowed to be there. This year award ceremony will be on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 9:00 PM (I assume EST since most are on that time zone, but it don't say, so I'd check your local listing to be sure on the time. . .) on the SPEED channel. It will be hosted by Frank Caliendo and will have performances by Rascl Flatts and Viva Elvis.

2010 NASCAR Championship Ceremony Here is the link with more detail of the show for all that want to watch it. I watched it last year and I found it entertaining...then again, Gordon and Johnson were on there and it was NASCAR related so my opinion is very biased. :)

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Well I didn't watch the awards afterall. It was four hours long so I taped it, but have yet to watch it. I did see a few interviews here and there including Gordon's and Johnson's online, which was interesting. They had a comedian host the awards plus they had a few singers sing as well..wouldn't have been as long if they just had the drivers and all that talk. Which is what I was more interested in.

Though with the awards done and over with...that leaves me waiting until February for the Budweiser Shootout and the duals before the season starts at Daytona. Which is too long to wait for me...LOL.

Am I the only one missing NASCAR and the races on Sunday?

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