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Bo 4 Luke 11 Jesse 12 Rosco 16 Enos 2 Cooter 5 Bye Daisy!!

Bo 3 Luke 11 Jesse 13 Rosco 18 Enos 0 (sorry Enos!) Cooter 5

Luke 12 Jesse 14 Rosco 19 Cooter 5 Bye, bye, Bo!

I wouldn't blame other folks for wanting to play again but after the way Rosco dominated this time I see no reason he wouldn't dominate again. It was fun though because nobody knew Rosco would win this time.....just like nobody knew Jesse would win the first one. I think a third one would be a predictable Rosco win.

.....however.....if I wasn't playing and supporting Jesse the whole flow of the game would change and the outcome could be different so a Dukes Game III is something somebody might want to consider. I'd just be a spectator though.

Congratulations Rosco on a job well done.....Khee Khee!!!

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I kinda felt like Cooter hotwiring Limo I.

I knew it wasn't the right thing to do but in a brief second of living in a fantasy world I thought maybe nobody'd notice. Since they did, I suppose there's nothing left to do except this....


Exactly, my sentiments exactly!

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