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Why have they Changed the part of Boss Hogg?


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I swear I don't understand you people. Hollywood has the guts to pay tribute to my (and I'm guessing pretty much everyone here) favorite show and there's more whining than anything.

You seem more concerned about how the stars LOOK than the quality of the acting. Burt Reynolds is an established actor, he's a great LEGENDARY actor, he's a real Southerner, an actual Georgian (something the original Boss Hogg was not...he was a damn YANKEE!) and he's agreed to bring Boss Hogg to life in the movie. It seems some of you would rather have a no talent beginner play the part so long as he was short, fat, and balding.

Movies are supposed to take things to a new level. You have to have a better quality of actor for the big screen. Give Reynolds the credit he deserves. After all, who would have thought that a pu%#y like Val Kilmer could have pulled off the role of Doc Holiday? Turned out that he was a good actor and got the job done.

I'm not even ready to discount Simpson and Daisy yet. I agree she wouldn't have been my first choice but at least give her the chance to fail before crucifying her. Let's see the movie and see how she does. Scott can act and will probably do a decent Bo. "But he acts like a moron in his other movies!". Yes, that's what they paid him to do. Knoxville should make a good Luke, he's a good actor, and again, a true-blooded southerner (unlike the original Luke who is a yankee and now makes CDs singing Manhatten-style piano bar tunes).

The characters were the stars, not the actors who portrayed them. How do you know the originals captured those personalities as well as these guys can. I can't wait to get to know Boss Hogg with a talent like Reynolds presenting him.

Maybe the movie will be a terrible disapointment, then again, we may get to know our beloved Dukes like we never knew them before.

Thanks for allowing me the rant.

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The cast for the original dukes of hazzard was well picked,and the caracters were well played!

As for Burt reynolds, he has always been one of my fav actors,but as boss hogg????I'd rather see him act as Roscoe,after all James best was buddies with burt,way back in the cannon ball run movie,on and off screen!

Burt was really funny and the coolest bandit ever,as Roscoe he gets to be funny and upholding the law ,sorta speak, instead of being the chasee,he becomes the chaser...lol!

I think Danny devito would be a great boss hogg. that scott fellow,is an awsome actor,but doesn't fit the Bo type!

I've been knocking this movie since I got here,what an ass I was, I took y'all advise and decided to give it a chance!

I still think the cast is not well picked ! I love the idea of the general lee in action on the big screen, and maybe these actors are big fans of the dukes too,hell If I had the chance to be Bo Duke,i'd take it too!

Willie nelson is a great guy,and he can act somewhat,but just don't seem fitting for him to be uncle jessie!

I guess I just expected too much of this movie,wanted the cast to be in resemblance to the original as much as possible !

I guess I'm old in my ways,I really feel bad for those other post i put out knocking this movie!

Well thanks for not shoving me aside,i really didn't mean to offend anyone! sincerely ,dukefan!

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I think when it came to who's playing Uncle Jesse. They made a good choice. He as the look, But I don't know if will be able to fill Denver's shoe.

But I guess when the movies out we will find out. When it comes to Daisy they should have picked someone who looked more like Cathy. I can't see Daisy as blond. I think that Boss should have been a big person not someone thin. I can't see Rosco being straight lace. If it turns out that it was a great movie. I will be the first one to let you all know.

Jessi Duke 8)

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love the typo rullhammond cooter would be proud hehe welcome cousin. Devito would be the ideal choice but as for hollywood changing it I dunno I guess if we complain enuff then maybe they would hehe but I would place Burt somewhere that could shine like Rosco. I agree with ya dukefan he would make a great choice and could prob give his own take on the rosco laugh. Oh well I just gues we will all have to see the movie and make our own judgement later yall

Rosco " keep the pedal to the metal and your gown down I'm gone"

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Don't worry y'all, from the information I have been gathering, It seems like we are in for a real treat. The producers are trying to make a movie that is fun just like Smokey and The Bandit was, so lets all take a deep breath, relax, wait for the movie come out and I think all will be well in Hazzard County. Take care y'all....

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