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Dukes is one of the shows I grew up on and I'm currently watching the DVD sets. I actually only in the middle of season 2 right now but that's not bad because it means have plenty to go. The "Vintage" in my username sums up my hobbies. Whether it's comics, old toys, TV, mid 70's to early 80's rule my world.

Sometimes there's crossover as two of my favorite late childhood toys the 8' inch Bo & Luke figures were made the same company (Mego) who also made the superheros I loved at the time.

As far as memorabilia I have the aforementioned dolls, and autographed photos of James Best, Catherine Bach and a picture of Tom Wopat, John Schneider, & Catherine Bach with the General Lee signed by Catherine and John. I have four of the DVD sets and since I'm only the middle of season two I pick up the others when I find a deal. The Dukes just represent a better, more fun time for me.

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Hi there VintageDuke. I'm kinda new here myself, but it's good to see someone (like me) who gets straight into the swing and starts posting right away. I don't think we had the Mego figures in the UK, so thanks for the pics. I think the only DoH stuff I had back then was 2 or 3 model car cases for the 1:64 vehicles - chances are they're probably still in my parents' attic:). Keep up the good work.

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