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The Man (Not) In The White Suit

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As we all know, costume changes didn't happen often in Hazzard. Everyone is familiar with Boss Hogg in his white suit and hat, but I thought it would be fun to remember the times Boss changed his outfit. I'll start you off with 2:

Baa, Baa White Sheep - Boss puts on a black suit while pretending to be his twin brother Abraham Lincoln Hogg.

Goodbye General Lee - Boss wears a racing suit for the publicity shots he's going to use when his car wins the Drag 'n' Fly.

Well done to all the old movie buffs who spotted my thread title comes from the 1951 Ealing Comedy starring Sir Alec Guinness.

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This is fun. Let me see.

1) prison outfit (Cool Hands Luke and Bo)

2) camoflague (High Octane)

3) deputy uniform

4) Andrew Jackson uniform

5) frog outfit (Dukes go to Hollywood)

6) female (along with Rosco)

7) camping clothes (Undercover Dukes)

That's all I can come up with on the top of my head

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Thought it was about time I posted some more pics. I managed to get Boss and Rosco in their aerobics outfits for you MaryAnne. In the scene from 'Sittin' Dukes', Rosco is wearing his dressing gown complete with sheriff's badge. Is Rosco's gorilla costume the one that was used in the movie 'Trading Places'?. They look very similar. Did anyone recognise Flash in her disguise?.


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ROFL. Great pics, Hoss. Thanks for posting the aerobics one. Heh!

That's Flash?! :wink:

I dunno about the gorilla costume, but I do know that Rosco's rhinestone suit from 10 Million Dollar Sheriff was recycled in the second reunion movie and worn by the Russian mobster dude. Who knew that thing had survived?! LOL

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There a few "regular costume" variations, such as scenes where Boss would be scene working out (the "I need to lose weight" plot would be used typically at least once per season) where he would be dressed in all-white, but a jogging costume (usually with JDH on the breast pocket) and a sweat band around his head.

One completely different costume change that springs to mind is in "The Great Bank Robbery", one of my favourite fourth season episodes. During the climax, as a diversion to allow Bo and Luke to return some money taken from the bank, Uncle Jesse stages a fire - cue Boss running out in full fireman outfit as part of the Hazzard volunteer fire service! (He also wore a fireman's helmet, with his regular white suit, in the third season episode "The Return of Hughie Hogg").

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