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I'm back. Hopefully.


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Okay. I know I haven't been on as much as I was way earlier. Things have gotten really crazy since everythings been going on in my life. I've promised my self that I'm going to try to get on here and stay on here just as much as I did before. I still love this site, and I definatley still love the Dukes..There's no doubt there from anyone I'm sure. Again, I haven't meant to be absent, but like I said, things have gotten really crazy, but hey, thats life right? I hope that all my friends here haven't been too worried about me. I really hate when people worry about me!


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Well, I was a little worried but not that worried since you were popping in on occasion.

It doesn't matter that folks take a break from the HazzardNet. Life can be hectic.

What does matter is that they come back.

The world's going insane but there's still a few places left I go to get away from all that craziness......one of them is the best websight on the internet, the good old HazzardNet.

Of course things can get a little crazy here too but it's a good kind of crazy.

To quote a famous philosopher "I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane"......Waylon Jennings.

Welcome back. We missed ya.

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