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Arrest Brian Coltrane!


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*meanwhile, upstairs from the jail cells, MaryAnne tended to some various police business and filing of some reports. After about a half an hour, she went downstairs to check on her prisoner*

*she was more than surprised to see Chet standing, pacing and with his arms now infront of him, his wrists still cuffed. It was amazing enough she had hefted the 200 plus pound Duke into the back of her patrol car. How the heck he maneuvered his arms around himself was beyond her*

Well. I dunno how the hell you did that without dislocatin' a shoulder or something but if you get any crazy ideas to try to bust out of this jail you better forget about it...

...Because I don't take too kindly when folks escape from my jail...

(To Be Continued....in the Arrest Chet Duke! thread....)

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