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Luke's nurse came in to check on him and was shocked to see him awake ",

"welcome back Luke you was a asleep for long time now which is great news,

Luke gave the nurse a funny look on account of he doesn't remember anything.

So Luke's nurse decided to check his fever and noticed that it was cooler now",

then she checked his IV bag and it seemed to be half full which is good too

So the she left and reported to Luke's doctor to tell her the good news also.

Once she left Luke gave Bo a funny look like he didn't know who he was .

Luke tried to talk but his speech was a little messy " who are you ?",

Bo said " Luke it's me Bo your cousin , Daisy too and your Luke Duke.

Luke said " i... don..'t k..now you all i don't remember who is Luke Duke",

Luke's doctor came in all smiles and said " Luke I'm so happy your awake ".

Bo asked the doctor why in the heck Luke can't remember who he is or us.

the doctor said " I'm willing to bet that it is from being in the coma for long,

" his memory should return eventually just treat him like you would any day".

she checked his fever it seemed cooler but he wasn't all the way well yet",

Bo asked Luke's doctor if they could take Luke home said said that's fine with

me but he'll still need to take it easy , get plenty of bed rest , no fooling around.

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Daisy sat down in a chair beside Luke and stroked his har "Welcome back . . .what do you rember?"

Luke answered "n . . .noth. . .ing"

Daisy sighed "Well I know you might not remember this, but here it goes "Come along and live the day. . .we've got lots of time to stay. . .come on and give it a shot . . .for a place in the sun we've got." Daisy sighed as Luke looked as blank as ever not remembering the song their Aunt used to sing to them.

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So later on that day Bo brought Luke home in the General and felt happy to

be home but he was trying to piece to together stuff but so far nothing ",

Bo asked him " well cuz do you remember anything living on the farm ?.

Luke said " i ... don't really know yet this is a nice house though Bo ",

I do remember being in a race of some kind with you bunch of other guys.

Bo said " well that could be the Nascar Circuit that we were on years ago ",

Luke said " um... i guess that could be it i don't really remember much .

Then Uncle Jesse said " well Luke it's gonna take time you just woke up",

your body will be okay you'll remember stuff your body is recovering still.

Luke said " I'm starting to feel a little sleepy i think i'm gonna go take a rest.

So while Luke was taking a nap Bo was a little concerned about Luke ",

" Uncle Jesse do you think Luke'll ever be the same again cause i'm worried.

Jesse said " Bo.. Luke will be good as new in a few weeks he just needs time.

As Luke was sleeping he was having some weird dreams almost flashbacks

about riding in the car with Bo , and being chased by a cop car ",

then Luke started to see a strange dream about a car accident ",.

he could faintly see a little baby in the backseat he had no idea about it.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Jesse was frying a chicken while daisy did taters ,

Bo was husking the corn on the cob for supper ", Bo was gonna wake Luke when supper was ready but until then Luke needed a the rest he could get.

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Finally supper was ready and Bo decided to try waking Luke. However, Luke looked just as clueless as he had before, and it bothered Bo. He was especially bothered when Luke gave Daisy a questioning look when she brought him a plate.

"What is that?" he asked, a slight look of disgust on his face.

"Luke. . .these are some of your favorites. . .fried chicken, potatoes and corn. . .we eat this stuff all the time." she explained.

Luke gave her a look "You serious?" he asked.

Daisy nodded "I am. . .you, me and Bo were raised eating this stuff."

Luke just gave her a strange look and stared at the food.

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a couple weeks later Luke starts to feel better and his memory is coming back",

and his virus is on it's way out he is on the road to recovery from now on.

Bo was the first up this morning so he thought he would wake Luke up",

" hey Luke wake up it's morning ", " Luke said " Bo .. were cousin's right ?",

Bo said " yeah we are and Daisy is our cousin too and you have a brother ".

Luke said " wait a minute i have a brother how come i didn't know about this ?',

" Luke you met him just don't remember he is your younger brother".

you hungry for some breakfast Luke ?", Luke said " i could go for something.

So the boys made their way into the kitchen were Daisy was making bacon, eggs, and toast and she said " hey Boys are you ready for some breakfast ",

Luke said " sure i just love a country breakfast it all smells really good daisy.

So Daisy fixed Luke's plate first which was bacon , Eggs , toast , potatoes.

Then after breakfast the boys decided to do Chores Luke was making up",

for all of the times he was in the hospital in that bad coma now he was back.

Cue Elly Mae Duke

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  • 3 years later...

" um yeah .. I'm fine cuz don't worry come on we best get these chores down ". said Luke

" Okay but you sure don't look fine to me ". said Bo

Unfortuantely Luke wasn't fine he was just saying he was so Bo wouldn't worry ".

Luke was starting to feel a funny feeling in his legs , he started feeling that dizzy feeling again in his head but he shook it off.

" Bo I don't know about you but I'm thinking of taking a break ?'. said Luke

" Okay cuz that sounds just fine to me, Bo replied as he was stacking the last bail of hay into the barn ".

" Hey Boy's thought you might like a nice refreshment on this nice hot day " . said Daisy

" Oh thanks Daisy I sure was starting to feel hot ". said Bo

Daisy couldn't help but notice that Luke was walking kinda funny as he came to get his drink ".

" Luke you feeling okay you is walking kinda funny ". said Daisy

" I'm fine y'all okay I just wish you would stop worrying about me ". said Luke

As Bo and Daisy stood by and watched Luke walk back over to the hay pile Bo couldn't help but feel a little concerned.

" I don't know Daisy I'm really worried about him he don't seem to be himself ". said Bo

Cue Elly Mae Duke

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Luke was moving a little slower then normal while he stacked the last bit of hay when he suddenly felt a headache coming on

as Bo walked back to help Luke finish stacking the hay he couldn't help but notice that something wasn't right with Luke.

" Luke are you okay you feeling fine ?". asked Bo

It took Luke a little while before he answered Bo on accont of he was trying to get his dizziness under control at the moment

Luke couldn't help but feel like his head was swimming and he felt like he could collaspe any minute.

" um ... I.. I.. don't know I.. I.. feel so dizzy ". said Luke

Then all of a sudden Luke collapsed in a heap on the hay stack while Bo ran inside to tell Uncle Jesse.

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