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Am I the only one who thinks this?

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I have been watching I don't know it's either Willy Wonka or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I swear that Charlie (in the old version) looks so much like John. Now I know . . .I think i tried to do a search and I don't think that John plays Charlie, but he looks a lot like I think he would when he was younger.

On the other hand. Just me again. I was watching this thing called Love Comes Softly a while ago. I think there's like six or I really haven't counted moveis in the series, but the guy who plays Clark . . .I was thinking he looked a lot like Luke.

Now I, probably like a lot of you . . .am on some sorta Duke Drugs that alter your mind, but I really think those two look like them.

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lol naaahhh not the guy who plays Charlie, he's not cute enough to look like John when he was younger. For one John was fat lol and for two i've seen pics of John when he was young, he adorable ;)

As for the Luke guy, I have no idea cause I aint seen him lol

John has been physically fit all his life and especially now he is a trainer for PX90! He was never "fat."

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The Fog was a good movie with Tom Welling. He was also in Cheaper by the Dozen I and II, but it did not showcase his talents.


I am sorry, I thought you were referring to Tom Welling, when I think you were referring to Tom Wopat. I hope it wasn't too confusing. :o

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