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Name that episode!


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daisyxenos, DenverC and Lizzy all got it right. Lizzy was even righter (if that's a word) because she knew Luke came first. I think they were honoring the movie "Cool Hand Luke" when they made that title. That's not the first time they did that. Consider "The Boar's Nest Bear's" from "The Bad News Bears" and "The Sound of Music-Hazzard Style" from the classic movie. They also did "The Hazzardville Horror" from "The Amatyville (spelled wrong) Horror" and Luke was Dr. Jekyll. "Baa Baa White Sheep" might have been from the old TV series "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Shine on Hazzard Moon" reminds me of the old song "Shine on Harvest Moon." Hmm, that's all I can think of without checking the episode list. Can anyone come up with any more on the top of their head?

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In this episode......

1) Boss loses his memory, gets it back, loses it again, gets it back again....

2) Daisy is tricked into thinking she won a classic yellow Ford Mustang

3) Rosco crashes high into a silo and gets stuck

4) Rosco lands his patrol car onto the back of a moving flat bed semi trailor

5) When Rosco thinks Boss is going to get killed, he makes the quote "Boss is going to get cut down in the prime of his beef."

6) hint: it's from season seven

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