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Yesterday was my Uncle Ted's Birthday I think he just turned 65.

Happy Birthday to your Uncle Ted, Julie. I hope he had a good one.

Tomorrow, October 4th is.......

1. National Tour Day

2. National Energy Star Change a Lightbulb Day (change your lightbulbs out to the energy efficient ones)

3. National Child Health Day

4. National Golf Day (combine with number 3 for some good quality time with your kid)

5. National Poetry Day (in the UK)

6. National Taco Day

7. National Punch Paris Hilton in the Face Day:-o

8. National Remember to Register to Vote Week (IMPORTANT)

9. National Card Making Day

Find a reason to celebrate and enjoy tomorrow!:rootbeer::icecream:

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October 21st is National Mamography Day.

The good news is, the numbers in deaths due to breast cancer is dropping. Let's keep it going down. And men, don't ignore this message, there are cases where men get breast cancer. So, if you notice any abnormalities, no matter how small, get to the doctor and get it checked.

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Today is.....

National Bologna Day (Fried Bologna Sandwich anyone?)

For those of you who like to be pincushions, it's also National Acupuncture Day

For Parents and Students it's National School Bus Safety Week.

Tomorrow, October 25th is.....

National Zombie Day:-o

Pit Bull Awareness Day

National Make a Difference Day (a day to help someone in need:D)

Pick one an celebrate people!:wink:

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