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Scott and Leventa

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Then she saw Luke Walk in and he was holding Little Luke and he walked over to her and sahe he was cring for him Mom and Dad. and Kathy told him about Sarah. Luke said The Baby. and Kathy said I never checked the baby and they went into Jesse's room and she saw them kissing and they cleared their thoughs. and Jesse said Mom dad. Sarah remembers and she remembers she's pregnet. and Kathy said Speaking of my grandchild I would like to check and see if's ok and Sarah said Ok Mo and she lyed down in the bed next to Jess' and Kathy hooked her up to a Monter and waited and then they heard the heart beat and it was strong and Kathy said do you want to know if it's a boy or girl? Sarah said YES. Jesse said tell us mom and Kathy smiled and said well Little Luke is going to have a littler sister. and Luke said YEE-HAW and so did Jesse.

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Kathy said and every thing looks fine. and Sarah said thanks mom.


Scott and Levi were talking and he said Levi marrie me now. and Levi said Scott No, Not Now. We have alot to do your parents are looking so forward to watch their only son get married and My Dad is looking forward to walking me down the isle. and Scott smiled and said you ae right pluse we have a gradute from high school in a couple of weeks. Levi smiled and said I do Love you. and she kissed him.

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