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I have a craftsmen LT2000 Duked out.....

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WOW! That is cool! Does that actuall play the tune to "Dixie"?

That is such a great idea!! Do you ever get strange looks from the neighbors with that??!

9 o'clock isn't early for bed!! I go to bed at 9! That is because I have to get up early to do the barn chores!

Sorry, I started straying off the subject... I really think that the mower is a cool Idea! Gee, I wish I had something like that to ride around on! That is brilliant!!

General Grant

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Wow! That is so COOL! Now that is something I always wanted to do-I bet that there are a lot of people on here wishing they could have a "Mower Lee." I always thought it would be neat to take a mower and paint it up similar to the General Lee and put the Dixie horn on it! Yeehawww!

You know those stickers that say: My other car is the General Lee"? Well you could have one that says: My other mower is the General Lee! And it would be true!

It's so awesome, thanks for sharing!

Laura Duke:D

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