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Secret Santa??

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Hey all you creative Hazzardites! I was thinking maybe we can do something a little fun for this year. The idea goes along the line of pulling a secret santa and doing either (fics, pics(for those handy like that) as requested by other) or maybe themed cards or gifts. Whats your thoughts? Are ya game?

Sounds intersecting to me.

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Pardon me for being a little dense (that happens a lot) but I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do. Would you mind explaining it a different way. Since I have no computer skills (believe it or not, Hazzardnet is the only website I've ever been on in my life) I may be a little slow at getting stuff that may involve computer skills or terminology. Sorry.

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Roger dont feel lonely.. Hazzardnet is the only website I go to. But what I think they are saying is like you get pictures of the Dukes and things to do with christmas and the Dukes and you can make and create yer own designs and pictures with them and send them to your Hazzardnet buddies?? Correct me if Im wrong here fellers..

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well there needs to be one person watching doing the list i would think. since i brought it up i'll handle it unless someone else wants the spot. you could pm me the following info....

fic/pic: who you want it centered on or if you just want a general (pardon the unintended pun) one, you can request that too. can also suggest a storyline.

which you would prefer: fic/pic (in case we end up with more people)

what you would like to do fic/pic

Since this is for the holiday we can do it themed for that.

Due dates for names on Dec 3. so that they can be matched up and they can be worked on for a due date of christmas eve, unless one requests not to get theirs till the day of. just keep in mind that we may end up with either or till I know just how many players are involved.

Did I miss anything?

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Hey Hazzardites! I've been busy and it's kept me away for a while but this site is still as good as I remember! This secret Santa thing sounds like a fun idea to me. Let me see if I got this straight, to get in on this, I send a PM to the person who started this thread, tell them if I'd prefer a fanfic written to my special interest or a pic. And if I chose a fanfic I say what I'd like the plot or story line to involve, which character/s I'd like focused on the most, etc., then whoever gets assigned to me writes that story? And if I get assigned to someone, I post the pic or story they want? Is that correct?

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