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Cooter's rebellion

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Ya'll member when Ben Jones quit the show cause they tried to make him shave his beard? Well I knwo why they had L.B and B.B on there, I read the Ben Jones, on one of the episode guides wanted to show WB what he could do and when he got ahold of Mickey Jones and I cannot for the life of me think of L.B's real name, but anyways, Ben had sent them as a sign of his rebellion if I can find that site ill post it here.

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Ernie Brown is the actor that played LB Davenport...also played Dobro Dulin as well. ;) His son was Rudy from the orphanage - the kid that was squirting flies in The General.

I will always like ol' Cooter...who couldn't? I was disappointed when he wasn't on the show. Though I didn't care much for BB Davenport, I liked LB Davenport and was disappointed to see him go - even though I was happy to see Cooter come back.

Keep it between the ditches

Garrett Duke

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