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Picking Up the Pieces


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Cooter sighed softly and nodded, still holding her close.

"Well o'course i'll have ya here Darlin'...but you gotta think of what this'll do to Luke too....knowing Uncle Jesse he's probably told Luke we'd all support him in his decisions...having Bo run out on him will be tough but to leave him with only Uncle Jesse supporting him...that's gonna hurt him Dusty..."

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Cooter sighed and ran a hand down his face.

"You gotta remember Dusty...Bo nearly died because of that girl and he still has to be in the hospital once a week to keep getting treatment...she ruined his life as well as Luke's and yet Luke doesn't seem to give a damn about it and Uncle Jesse's supporting Luke...he feels like he doesn't matter anymore...and as frightened as he is, although he won't admit it, personally I can see why he wants to go."

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Cooter shook his head.

"As much as I wish we could help them, we just can't. Luke's gotta get his head in gear and workin' straight to be able to see what he's doin' and what it could cost him....and until Cassie's gone, if she's ever gone, there ain't a snowball's chance in hell that Bo's gonna stick around...heck after what Luke's doin'.,..i'd be surprised if Bo ever considered coming back for good at all...once he gets on the NASCAR track and leads that life...it can be pretty addictive for some people...."

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Meanwhile, Bo had arrived back at the farm and seeing Uncle Jesse not there at that moment, he had run into his room and started packing his stuff into a suitcase. He wasn't taking much, seeing as nearly everything he had was shared with Luke, pictures, trophies everything like that was part Luke's too and while he was mad at Luke he wasn't about to take stuff that was also rightfully his.

Sighing, he did however pick up his one favourite photo of him and Luke sitting on the hood of the newly created General Lee, he was just a teen then, just graduated from High School and Luke had just come back from the Marines. But they both had never looked happier...god how he wished he could have that with Luke again...but with that witch around there was no chance.

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Rosco cursed under his breath, "Ms. Morgan isn't taking any visitors right now. It's time for Enos and I to get something to eat. Jail's closed." He started towards Luke and the door, "Now get!"

Enos shook his head slightly, "But Sheriff.."

"But nothing Enos! I said Luke's not seeing Cassie and that's final." Rosco stormed out of the jail. "Get out or get locked up, Luke," he called over his shoulder.

Luke sighed, "Can I see her Enos?"

He sighed, "Just for a second Luke.. I shouldn't even be doing this." Shaking his head, he lead Luke downstairs. "Cassie you've got a visitor.."

Cassie perked up and looked. Her heart once again raced, as she saw Luke coming down the stairs. "Luke.." Moving to the bars, she stared at him.

Luke didn't smile, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she nodded slowly.

Enos stayed back, but kept his eye on them.

"Enos," Luke turned to look at him. "Let me bail her out. Let me do something."

Cassie's eyes widened, "No, you can't do that."

Luke ignored her and watched Enos, who replied, "You can't Luke."

He sighed out of frustration, "What can I do?"

"Nothing," Cassie whispered. "I'm a bad person and this is where I belong."

"Stop saying that!" Luke raised his voice. "I'm tired of hearing that you're such a bad person."

Enos stepped in, "Luke maybe you should go."

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By this time, Bo had finished packing and was loading it up into General Lee. He wasn't planning on taking General Lee to NASCAR, he didn't want it to get ruined. No, he was going to drop General at Cooters and have him bring it back to Luke, while he borrowed a loner and went on his journey. Heck he'd walk if he had to...anything to get away.

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Cooter sighed and shook his head.

"I think Bo's coming back here...he ain't got a car except for the General so he'll wanna borrow one to get to the NASCAR circuit...and about Luke, you give him right and left hooks all yer gonna achieve is driving him away more...more into Cassie's arms...by all means let him know how ya feel...but at the end of the day he's your family and while he's making a stupid decision doing this, you can't do what Bo's doing....it'll kill him or just push him more to Cassie...."

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Luke was feeling despair because he didn't know how what he should do. So, he stared through the bars at Cassie. "Remember that time.. when we were just kids and riled Bo up so much by tearing his new pair of pants."

Cassie nodded slowly and couldn't for the life of her figure out why Luke was bringing it up. "Yeah, we were about 5 or so.. just before I left. It was an accident, but quite funny at the time."

Enos chuckled to himself, "Bo Duke caught with his pants down. I remember that. How'd you managed to actually get 'em like that. Ya'll were just kids."

In Cassie's mind a light bulb went off, she smiled. "Well Enos.. he'd made me mad for some reason. And, as he was walking away from me I grabbed the only thing I could."

Luke cut in, "Oh come on Enos let her out so she can show you. It was the funniest thing back then. She was a pistol."

Being caught up in the laughter, Enos didn't question the motive. "Just for a second, I can't have Rosco finding out about this. But, don't try anything funny Luke, you promise?"

"Scouts honor," Luke smiled.

Removing the keys from his side, Enos opened the cell door and stepped out of the way for Cassie to walk out. "Now, hurry up we'll all have our laugh and I'll have to meet the Sheriff at the diner."

Cassie nodded, "Well Enos," she stepped out of the clearance of the door. "Bo started to walk away from me, and I wasn't one to be walked away from back then. See he'd thrown a rock and hit me, so I snatched him up by the front of his britches." As she spoke Cassie, simulated on Enos. When her hand grasped the front of his pants at the button, he blushed. "Then, before I knew it they were down around his ankles." She noticed that Luke cut his eyes at her and nodded his head in the direction of the door. "Like so," in one swift movement she had broken the button and tore down the zipper. As Enos scrambled to gain composure of his pants, Cassie and Luke bolted for the stairs.

Enos yelled, "Cassie come back here!" He couldn't keep his pants up, "Luke you promised!"

Luke called over his shoulder, "Sorry Enos I'll make it up to you." He lead Cassie out of the jail and to Uncle Jesse's truck. She slid in the passenger side and he jumped in the driver's seat. In a matter of seconds, they were speeding off.

Cassie sighed, "What a rush I never thought we'd do something like that again. I appreciate it, but you shouldn't have busted me out of jail."

"We've got to make some things right," Luke said sternly. "Just be grateful you're not rotting away in that jail cell." Picking up the CB he hit the button, "Crazy Cooter this is Lost Sheep 1, you got your ears on?"

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