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Picking Up the Pieces


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As Bo sped away, in all truth a little faster than he should have done, he found that he had to keep wiping away the tears of hurt and frustration. How many times had Luke sobbed into his shoulder that he never wanted to see her again, how many times did he ask Bo to make sure they never laid eyes on each other again...and yet when he tried to warn him, Luke had gone back on the promise that he had made Bo make and gone to see her anyway.

He knew, or thought he might know, what would happen next...there was one of two options. Either Luke and her would make up and then they would get back together and she would hurt him again....or he would realise what a snake she was and decide to stay clear away...he wasn't exactly optimistic about the latter.

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Luke just stood there for a second contemplating how she should react. "What brings you back to Hazzard?" He slowly approached the door to her cell.

Her fingers wrapped around the bars to her door, "I figured there was money to pay on my family's old house.. I didn't want Boss Hogg to take it from me."

He knew her answer was honest enough, "You've looked better." Luke's eyes had given her the once over.

"What can I say? It's rough sometimes," Cassie was now self-conscious.

Where was this conversation going? Luke was thinking to himself and he figured that Cassie was still shocked to see him standing there. "You're too skinny.. I mean you were skinny before, but now there's nothing too you."

"I make bad choices sometimes.."

Calling her out, Luke sighed, "You do. Drugs, drinking, and getting caught up with the wrong people. Cassie what were you doing?"

Cassie looked down and whispered, "Killing myself."

"What?" Luke didn't understand.

"Do you know how happy I was to find Harvey, then how quickly that changed when I found out he was wrapped up in all this organized crime. When you can't get away from being made into a whore for profit and being abused by all these men.. what was I suppose to do? I did drugs to ease the pain..I drank to forget.." She fell silent.

Luke stared at her emotionless, "Because of your negligence someone was killed."

Letting go of the bars, she let her arms fall to her side. "You don't think I know that?" She had raised her voice. "I would never have let him go, if I would've known he was going to shoot someone."

Enos winced upstairs, as he heard Cassie speak up. Thinking it over, he thought that it'd be best to just wait before going to find out what was wrong.

"He shot Bo, Cassie. That's why he was in jail in the first place!" Luke's voice drowned out Cassie's. Stepping forward, he grasped the bars, "I would've helped you.."

"I didn't want to risk you getting killed.. I couldn't. So, I decided that based on the fact that this man shot Bo he could protect me from Harvey. If he died, then that wouldn't mean anything to me.."

There was a bout of silence between them. Luke didn't know what to say to her.

"I know I'm a horrible person and I know that I hurt you.. but I didn't mean to," she stepped forward. Putting her hands on his, she smiled faintly, "I love you."

For a long moment, he stared deeply into her eyes. Suddenly, he took his hands off of the bars and stepped back, "I can't trust you.. and I didn't know it was possible not to trust someone you loved." With that he started back up the stairs.

"Luke.." Cassie called after him, but he wasn't stopping.

Enos stood up, as Luke surfaced and searched his face for any indication of that was said. "Everything alright?"

"No..." Luke didn't stay to talk he just headed out of the jail and out into the crisp Hazzard air.

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Bo skidded into one of his favourite hideaways that he wasn't aware anyone knew about to have some alone time. He headed into the old cabin and flopped down on the matress there. It was relativly well kept seeing as it was covered and all, and it was comfy and that's all that mattered.

He lay there, looking up at the cieling for god knows how long, as he let the thoughts jumble about in his head, his finger unconciously tracing the scar on his chest where he had been shot. Luke was even willing to go back to her after all that had happened too.....

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Taking a deep breath, he needed to get everything off of his mind. Without giving it a second thought the eldest Duke cousin made a bee line for Daisy's Jeep. Once he'd started it up, the gas pedal was too the floor and he was on his way to the Boar's Nest. Maybe a beer would calm him down because is emotions were running high.

Cassie was still in mild shock and questioning whether or not seeing Luke had just really happened. Slamming her foot into the iron bars, it made a loud noise. She was upset, "Enos!" The blonde yelled up from her cell, hoping that the Deputy would answer her.

Killing the engine, Luke hopped out of the Jeep and headed inside the bar. Because it was still early afternoon, there weren't many people in there, but it wasn't deserted either. A few people greeted him and he nodded. Picking his favorite seat at the bar, he ordered a beer.

(cue: ANYONE. Quite frankly, I'm tired of playing every other character, including mine, except for Bo. I also apologize for waiting so long to reply; I had hoped that someone would help the story along without butchering it. Enjoy.)

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Jesse looked up from his table in the Boar's Nest as he heard the door open and thought he heard a familiar voice. He was about to call out to Luke when he saw the despondent and troubled look on his face as he headed over to his place at the bar. With a soft sigh he got up and crossed over to this oldest charge, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Somethin' troubling you boy?"

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Luke heaved a heavy sigh, "Uncle Jesse.. do you know who I saw today?"

The old man's head shook slightly, but his face remained emotionless.

In his mind, Luke questioned whether or not he should tell his uncle, but thought that it'd be for the best. "Cassie," he said her name and the tone he carried was helpless. "Her being here just stirred up so many memories.." Picking up his glass, he took a long drink from it. Beer was drowning his sorrows once again.

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Jesse swallowed gently as he sat next to Luke, watching him down the watered down beer like it was the only hope he had left. Shaking his head, he took the beer glass away from him and gently but firmly led him outside with a look that refused argument.

He put Luke into the passenger seat of the truck, CB'ing Cooter to come pick up the General for them, before driving away, talking softly to Luke.

"Now, first things first, you know I don't like you drinkin' alcohol like that, even if it is watered down. And Two, you also know that I don't approve of you boys drowning your sorrows in the stuff either. So, instead, why don't ya tell me how ya feel so we can work through this together....like we all should have done last time..."

He trailed off, driving slowly so he could look to Luke briefly and place a supportive hand on his shoulder, drawing him close.

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Luke sighed and sat back; he knew that his uncle was disappointed in him. "I know you don't approve of what I was doing.. Uncle Jesse you just don't get it." He paused gathering his thoughts so that he could make his uncle understand. "Last time, well it was hard.. very hard. I mean she busted a criminal out of prison.. had her ex-boyfriend trying to find her.. then her criminal friend, who let me remind you had shot Bo, which was why he was in jail in the first, shot and killed Daisy's boyfriend."

His statement was a long winded breath, "And, on top of all that she told me that this fella kissed her. I mean that should be the least of my worries after all that, but it just keeps piling on, Uncle Jesse."

This was Luke's chance to get it all out without any interruptions and he was taking full advantage of it. "She's beautiful.. I mean she is skin and bones.. the drugs are killing her. I mean if she's not taking pills only God knows if she's still into the hard stuff. But, she's still beautiful. Her personality blows me away, but her judgement from past experiences is clouding it. I love her.. but I can't trust her..I've never had a woman get at me like this before. Usually I would just leave this kind of thing alone, but I saw her today; I mean really saw her and she looked bad.. you have to really look at her to notice, but where ever she's been wasn't the best place for her to be."

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Jesse nodded gently as he listened and drove, thinking things over.

"I take it this is also why Bo isn't with you...."

He said softly, knowing that seeing her again would probably have shaken up Bo as much as it had Luke and the fact that Luke was probably talking like this around him had probably made him worse. Always having been the more emotional of the two cousins, Bo had probably gone to be alone and calm down....or so he hoped anyway.

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Luke nodded slowly, "According to Enos, Bo saw her and started yelling at her. Some big commotion.. you know those two. They can never get along."

Sighing, Luke was torn and he didn't know what to do. On one hand there was the love of his life and on the other was his cousin, who was basically his brother. "I just don't know what to do Uncle Jesse. I want to try to make things right with Cassie.. I do. I would never tell Bo that because he'd tell me I was being stupid for wanting to trust her."

He paused for a long moment, "What do you think I should do? I mean is Cassie worth it?"

(Sorry for not posting a whole lot lately. Things have been crazy with my birthday and school; plus, for a while I couldn't get the forum to let me log on and reply. I'll try to get back into the swing of things.)

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Jesse sighed softly and pulled up at the farm, stopping the truck and looking out over it before turning back to Luke, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Luke...no one can make this decision for ya...its yours alone...all we can do is try an' point ya in the right direction. Now I ain't sayin' I trust Cassie a whole lot either, an' I can see why Bo would be upset....but at the end of the day son, this is about making you happy....what you want, not what Bo wants. What you have to ask yourself is, you may feel you love her, but most importantly can you truly trust her to remain as loyal to you as you will to her...trust her not to tear the family apart again, hurt them and you all over again....I'll support whatever decision you make Luke an' if you want to go after Cassie, i'll help Bo through it too...but its your life Luke, and if you feel Cassie truly has to be a part of that....then so be it."

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"I know that Uncle Jesse. It's just that I'm sure that I can take being hurt like that again.

How do I make this make this work? She saids she loves me but I don't know. My heart saids go but head saids not too. What do I do?" asked Luke. "Luke that's only something your going to have to figure out on your own. Just know that we will be here for you not matter what even Bo." said Jesse.

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Cassie was sitting on the bunk in her cell. As her legs dangled slightly, just so she could keep the circulation going, she heard someone coming down the stairs.

"You hungry?" It was Enos.

Thinking it over, Cassie nodded slightly.

Enos smiled and opened the door, "It's not much, but I kinda knew what you liked.." The only reason that he knew was because he'd seen her in Los Angeles. Currently, Enos was back in Hazzard to serve for a little while because he wasn't sure that the City of Angels was the place for him to be.

Graciously, Cassie took the food and started neatly placing it on her lap. "Thank you, Enos." She offered him a warm smile.

"Don't worry about it our prisoners have to eat," he chuckled softly. "I haven't seen you since Los Angeles," he said this and sat down beside her.

Cassie took a sip of her drink and paused. "I know," she couldn't look at him. Enos had actually busted her in Los Angeles for possession of drugs and prostitution. Being the kind of man he was, he helped her get on the right track. Then, he headed back to Hazzard County.

"Are you still doing alright?" He tried to look her in the eye and realized that he was failing miserably.

All she did was nod. "I can't make things right with Luke can I?"

Enos sighed, "Cassie, drugs are what was killing you. It'll be hard, but I think you can. I think he wants to."

Faintly smiling, she looked at him, "How's Daisy?"

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Enos' face was overwhelmed with happiness, at the mention of Daisy's name. "She's fine.. now, I can't guaranteed how well she'll be when she finds out you're in town."

Cassie's frown deepened. She had taken a few bites out of the sandwich she'd been given. "I'm not so hungry anymore.."

Shaking his head, Enos just sighed. "Keep it down here. I'll be back later to get it incase you change your mind." With that he got up and headed out of the cell, closing the door behind him.

Luke stared at Uncle Jesse for a long moment, "Thanks, Uncle Jesse." It was all he could say to show how grateful he was for the old man. Reaching down, Luke picked up the CB, "Lost Sheep 1 to Lost Sheep 2.." he paused, "Lost Sheep 1 to Lost Sheep 2." He didn't know where Bo was but he hoped that he could hear him.

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Bo heard Luke calling him over the CB from his spot, looking to the General but making no move to get up. He really didn't want to talk to his older cousin right now, he was still upset and if he did talk to him things would be said that he really didn't mean. He would go back eventually but right now he needed this time to clear his head. If needs be he'd turn the CB off if his cousin kept as persistent as he was.

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Luke let out a heavy sigh and clicked the CB one last time, "Look Bo we need to talk.. all of us." With that he let go of the button and hung the receiver up. Turning to his Uncle, Luke spoke, "By all of us, I mean Cassie too."

Jesse shook his head, "Do you think that's the right thing to do?"

"What else is there to do?"

The old man sighed and nodded slowly. He understood Luke's motive, but he also didn't know how Bo and Daisy would react to this.

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Bo knew exactly what Luke meant by the all of us, and shook his head, figuring he'd be away from the farm a little longer than he originally thought. Shaking his head, he got up and got into the General, heading towards Cooter's farm. If he stayed at the garage, then there was always the chance that Luke would go to visit Cassie and Bo would see him. At least this way he didn't know and didn't have to worry aboout what Luke was doing.

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After leaving Bo and Luke to the street, Cooter had headed back home to see what he could get done around there. He was a man that could multi-task and had millions of things that he had to do. Still he found time for everything and could accomplish numerous tasks in one day. Right now, Cooter was sitting on his front porch, taking a few long drink from a glass of sweet tea. Every man needed a break now and then.

Daisy who was on her way home from the store had caught what Luke had said. Biting her lip, she picked up her own CB and spoke, "Bo Peep to Lost Sheep.. Bo Peep to Lost Sheep." She didn't know which boy would answer, but either of them would do for now.

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Throwing up his hand, Cooter nodded. "Hey Bo." He paused noticing the somewhat exhausted and frustrated look on the Duke's face. "You still stuck in the rough spot between you and Luke?" He asked only out of concern and for the fact that he was a friend of both of the Duke boys.

Luke heard Daisy over the CB, "Bo Peep this is Lost Sheep 1. Everything's alright and I'll have to catch you up later." He didn't want to be the one to have to tell Daisy that Cassie was back in town. "Trust me.." With that he hung up the receiver.

Daisy sighed and decided not to fight Luke, "Alright Cousin, but if you need any help let me know."

Luke looked at his Uncle, "Can I borrow your truck?"

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Jesse sighed as he stood by and listened to the conversation, looking to Luke as he asked permission to use the truck. He nodded gently, but put a hand on his shoulder to stop him rushing off.

"Luke...if yer going to Bo, or you run into Bo somewhere, don't push him...he'll come back when he's good and ready...you know that...if yer going to Cassie....just....all I ask is you keep yer guard up son..."

Bo nodded at Cooter's question, standing next to the mechanic and asking wearily.

"Cooter can I stay here? I don't wanna go back to the farm right now an' listen to how Luke wants to go back with Cassie...Ic an't guarentee I wont do something i'll regret later if I do..."

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Luke nodded, "Uncle Jesse.. I'm in a no win situation. I'm already beat down enough.. I don't know how much guard I have to keep up." Taking a breath, he looked at his uncle for a long moment. "Thanks for the truck." Turning with a beat, he headed for the old pick up.

Cooter sighed, "You can stay here Bo, but you can't hid from Luke forever." Looking at the younger Duke cousin, Cooter shook his head, "You aimin' to talk or do you want me to leave you be?"

Cranking the engine, Luke sped off down the dirt road in the direction of town. Where he was going, in truth, was still a mystery even to him. Still he figured that eventually everything would make sense.

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Cooter nodded slowly, "You can go on in, if you want. Lay down. Nobody'll bother you. Or, I can go in and you can sit out here. It's whatever you want to do, Buddy." In Cooter's eyes, Bo looked bad and he didn't know what to say to him just yet.

Luke just kept driving and he wasn't doing his usual speed, but something that was slower. It was the speed limit. He had a lot on his mind and no place to go. He wanted answers, but didn't know how to get them. Maybe where ever he ended up would do him a world of good.

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