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Hazzard County Locations

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Well there was talk somewhere around here about a Hazzard County map. Well here are some locations for that map.

The Duke Farm: Out on Old Mill Rd

The Old Sawmill

Cotton Hollow

Switchman's shack at the Rail Road Siding

Hazzard Pond

Dawson Digs

Willow Creek

Rimfire Ridge

The Old Howard Place

The Old Hazzard Elementary School

Old Post Rd

Mud Flats

Pokerville Pass

Boss Hoggs Shine site #1

Sandridge Road (I lived off of that road in Hubert NC)

Cedar Creek Ln

Hollow Creek

Hazzard County Childrens Orphange

Chickasaw County


Colonial City

Captial City.

Can anyone think of /catch from the show any more?

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:lol::lol: I never realized that they were all on the same road!

Here are some more that I caught from the Runaway

here the Dukes live on Mill Pond Road, where in a latter Epsiode it is Old Mill Road. The Directions to the Duke farm from the telephone office in town is:

Hang left at the next corner and go 18 miles to Mill Pond Rd.

Highways 9, 134, and 126

Sumner Farm

The Old playground

Shawnee Indian Caves

Punum Creek which was the location of the slowest car chase ever

Kissin' Cliffs where the Duke boys totaled Daisys Roadrunner

Blacktar Rd

Crystal Lake Bridge

plus from some other episodes

Black Hollow

Hazzard Swamp

Hazzard Livery Stable

Chicamahawny County

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You also could show the four adjoining county's

Chickasaw county

Choctaw County

Hatchapee County

Yreka County

And because I know for sure there was a Chickasaw Road and a Choctaw road, I'm sure there are roads named after the other counties.

-And what about the different still-sites (Although nobody exactually knows where they were of course.)

-Ya also had Dry creek and Bronsons Canyon (with the red clay.)

Hey and what about a more detailed map of the centre with

-Cooter's garage,

-Boars Nest

-Boss' Bank,

-Boss' House,

-The Court house,

-The sherrifs station,

-The town square,

-The church.

-Mr. Ruebottem's store,

-MIss Tisdale's postoffice,

Location will be a problem, but you can use your own imagination and that might just make it all of the more fun to do.

Good Luck,


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Oh I thought I had bad news, I thought my Duke pad was a missin"

Ok here are locations from my list.

Bad Day in Hazzard

the radio station

Iron Mountain

Allen Road

and the South Fork.

Dear Dairy

Old Mill Rd was mentioned again.

Sutters Creek, which is off of Old Mill Road.

Sycamore Rd


Arrowhead Rd.

Goodbye General Lee had only two.

Rainbow Caynon. (wonder if Kissin' Cliff is above it.)

and the

Gravel Pit.

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Ok here are some more.

Miss Tri County

-Riverton County

-Willow Creek

-Cherokee Bluffs

-Old Telegraph Rd

-Old Stage Rd

-Railroad Crossing

From The Law and Jesse Duke

-Meadowbrook Rd

-Maple Street (runs along side of the court house)

-Dry Creek Rd which has the Storage and Warehouse on it.

-Hazzard Photo shop in town

-TV shop in town

-Hogg's autobody paint shop ($49.99 any car!)

-Devils Ridge

From Share and Share Alike

-Sunset Lake

-Cottonwood Rd (runs North & South) intersects with Sandrige Rd.

-Flatbottom Rd

-Rt 66

-Dry Creek

-Hidden Pines

And From New Dukes

-Hazzard Highway

-Seminole Canyon

-Seminole Rd (runs East & West)

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Here are some more locations. Man Hazzard County is HUGE :lol:

From "The Dukes Strike it Rich":

-Choctaw Holler

-Twin Forks

"Law Man of the Year":

-Old Mill Rd

-Saw Mill Rd (Runs east/west) with Hoggs Gravel Company on it.

"Big Daddy"

-Chestnut Rd

-Highway 142 (runs north/south)

-Highway 102 intersects with River Cross Rd

-Canyon Swamp

-Devils Ridge

"Hazzardgate Tapes"

-Old Haddley Farm three miles from Wilton Corner.

-Clear Creek Rd

-Mill Rd

-Highway 22

"Coy Meets Girl"

-Pond Junction

"Hazzard Hustle"

-Rapaho County

"Great Insurance Fraud"

-Blind Curve

-Bottomless Lake

-Miller Junction

-Old Mill Rd

"Revenge of Hugie Hogg"

-Tri Corners

-Old North Rd

-Morgan's Glue Works

-Stump Hollow Rd

"Return of the Mean Green Machine"

-Walnut Grove

-Cottomwood Rd

-Old North Rd

-Fairview Junction

-Indian Trail

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In case ya’ll wondered why I haven’t been contributing to this thread no more:

I wrecked my DVD player!!!!!!!!!

And since they stopped airing DOH episodes I can’t watch them no more!

ARGH! I’m feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.

Well, just have to entertain myself by writing fan-fic’s now.

Or try to get a life (LOL) Brrr..



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You're sure right about that. Luckily we don't do dubt voices. Everything is with subtitles. Funny thing is when I wass a teen a refused to wear my glasses although I really did need them. Never could read any subtitle of any show I watched. Had to listen to what they said al the time. Sure did help me develope my English vocabulary LOL.

I used to watch The A-team on the German channels. Cracked me up eveytime I heard those silly voices.



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Well I have another list of locations from my ever present yellow legal pad.

Witness Jesse Duke

-Millers Crossroads

-Waldons Willows

-Eagle Rock Valley

-Sweetwater Bridge

-Meadow Lane Rd

-Simon Peak

Big Brothers Duke

-Johnsons Creek Bridge

-Green Apple Rd

-Wilson Corners

Too Many Rosco's

-Jensen Hollow

-Hazzard Lake

-Miller Rd (to the cross roads)

-Spruce Lane

-Willow Rd

Swamp Molly

-Mill Pond

-Black Hollow

Boar's Nest Bears

-Cowlick Creek

The rest I forgot to write down what episode they are from

Morgan's Hollow

Rt 7

Lover's Rock

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Well I got some more locations for our ever growing and favorite county.

Targets Daisy and Lulu

-Willet Bridge

-Dry Wash

-Miller Rd

-Hastings Crossroad, which crosses with Miller Rd

Twin Trouble

-Highway 7

-Old River Rd

Enos' Last Stand

-Millers Rd

-Greenville Junction/intersection

-The Hazzard Sawmill

-Pruitt's Meadow

-Chickasaw Gorge

Heiress Duke

-Chester Flats

-Peach Tree Rd

-Blue Bonnet Rd

Dead and Alive

-Rocky Ridge

-Paxton Rd (runs East/West)

-Old Post Rd (runs east/west)

Well Millers Rd must be a main road since it is mentioned quite a few times

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