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1 Lulu's Gone Away (23-Sep-1983)

2 A Baby for the Dukes (30-Sep-1983)

3 Too Many Rosco's (7-Oct-1983)

4 Brotherly Love (14-Oct-1983)

5 The Boar's Nest Bears (21-Oct-1983)

6 Boss Behind Bars (28-Oct-1983)

7 A Boy's Best Friend (11-Nov-1983)

8 Targets: Daisy and Lulu (18-Nov-1983)

9 Twin Trouble (25-Nov-1983)

10 Enos's Last Chance (2-Dec-1983)

11 High Flyin' Dukes (9-Dec-1983)

12 Cooter's Girl (30-Dec-1983)

13 Heiress Daisy Duke (6-Jan-1984)

14 Dead and Alive (20-Jan-1984)

15 Play it Again, Luke (27-Jan-1984)

16 Undercover Dukes (Part 1) (3-Feb-1984)

17 Undercover Dukes (Part 2) (10-Feb-1984)

18 How to Succeed in Hazzard (17-Feb-1984)

19 Close Call for Daisy (24-Feb-1984)

20 The Ransom of Hazzard County (2-Mar-1984)

21 The Fortune Tellers (23-Mar-1984)

22 Cooter's Confession (24-Mar-1984)

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I'm looking for any "official" info on the Season 6 and 7 releases, and have not found anything yet. Anybody with confirmed info, please let us know.

As I mentioned on another thread - I've only found a new "Complete boxed set" with seasons 1 through 5. Don't know if they're just trying to milk the first 5 as much as possible before releasing 6 and 7, or what.

If they don't release 6 and 7, it'll irritate the heck outta me.


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