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Deleted scenes? Pics here...


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Every movie gets edited, eventually. but in the trailer i began to notice tons of scenes from the dukes movie that never appeared in the actual film, that shouldve! i nabbed some screen shots here. let me know what you guys think. :)

this one looks like the jump scene during the rally nearing the end of the flick:


a great shot from the first jump in the film, not shown in theaters. Why!?


It almost seems too good to be true, some say its computer generated, i say No. it was Real.


Last Jump of the movie i presume?



Okay Bo, why was this scene deleted buddy?


A Great duo shot, one of many:


Okay, in the background you can barely see the General lee, now this police cruiser accident was one of the best ive ever seen. Deleted scene Why again???


now the freeway jump landing frame by frame, i think this is the best close up of something like that, Ever! and was it computer animated? no freaking way! notice the proper dents, etc...




Oh! and lookie here! its one of them thar' un-manned cars! neat! :lol:


thoughts all?

im gone.


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I was wondering about some of those scenes from the trailer. I thought I didn't see some of those jumps . I knew the Lynda Carter/Mufiins scene wasn't in the movie and the 2 police cruisers wrecking together wasn't either. You are absolutely right in that was one of the best scenes in the trailer.....

The movie was 1hour 46 minutes which is pretty long compared to action/comedy movies . If a lot of those scenes weren't cut , it might have been closer to 2 hours . Maybe they had an actual time frame they needed to fit the movie into? I don't know. But all I can tell you is the movie was so fast paced that an hour and forty six minutes flew by so fast that it felt too short to me....

By the way thank you for the great screenshots. Very much appreciated...

I'm gone


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