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Stroker Ace

Officer Barbrady

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AKA, "The Burt Reynolds in NASCAR" movie. It's a good flashback to the olden days of Winston Cup, complete with a slew of driver cameos (poor Cale Yarborough is reduced to working with a chimp!) and decent race footage.

Gotta love that Chicken Pit slogan..."The Fastest Chicken in the South."

But that's not even the best line in the movie:

Charlie (the crew guy played by Alfie Wise): "What's so bad about second?"

Stroker and Lugs: "SCREW SECOND!!"

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The song by Charlie Daniels has some good lines of its own too!

Kinda sounds like Bo and Luke --

Hauling shine was his regular line until the track got in his blood.

In a race or a fight old Stroker stole the show

Mama lock your daughters up cause that wild bunch is back in town and them little girls get friskie when they hear that race car sound

Its a joy for a country boy when he hears those engines moan

Those are some of my favorite lines from the song.


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I got this on DVD.......This is one of my favorite racin' movies along with The Last American Hero(Jeff Brdges) and Greased Lightning(Richard Pryor) . There aren't that many racin' movies anyway.

Check out the cameos by Dale Earnhardt and Kyle Petty.

If ya'll like the movie check out the book it is based on. Good book.


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I have this movie on DVD too! I love the begining with the old time chase and the Charlie Daniels song. =)

"Son, I need my mirror now...."

"Lugs! Lean out a little more to the left, I'm gonna make a turn." ROFL!

Along with Smokey and the Bandit this was one of the first DVD's I made a few snaps of. Here's The Intimidator with the King's son... :)


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