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I thought that it would be cool an interesting to see a cheering crowd or get comments on the Tough Man Contest. An because people are cued in the contest people cant leave there cheers or comments there. So here ya'll can. Feel free to say what you will...just remember this a family site.

Have fun~

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For once, I have to agree with Riddick. Maybe its a matter of personal opinion or maybe its because I'm a healer at heart but watching my friends pummel each other and be pummeled in return quite frankly makes me ill.

Riddick, for whats its worth, it could have been a good story IF it had kept within the beginning idea, and not gone as savage as it did.

As for the rest of the Tough Man...If I may make a suggestion. Why not split the prize 3 ways so Min, Brian and Rosco don't have to fight each other? Perhaps something along the line of the following..

Hazzard's Toughest Female: Min Duke

Hazzard's Toughest Law: Rosco Coltrane

Hazzard's Toughest Bad Guy: Brian Coltrane

and how about next time your competitive edge comes out, Hazzard tried something safe? Maybe a swimsuit contest. At least then I have a chance (no pun intended) of winning. :wink:


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Interestin' ideas, Doc. But since this thing has went along this far....ah think it should play out to the end.

Throughout this go-round, every character has had to make choices about how they fight, how they defend themselves...and whether or not mercy and fair play is a part of their psyche. An' to everyone's credit, writin' action scenes and choreographin' fight moves ain't the easiest thing in the world.

I think the hardest thing, is knowin' when to quit. Nothin' defines a character like the actions at the moment o' truth.

I know this fight has been hard to watch. It went beyond everybody's expectation...but hell, that's what happens when nobody brings a script.

This ain't no pre-ree-corded program.

Still...I apologize for my own part in the violence.


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Doc and Brian both have good points. The Tough Man contest would have been just as effective had it not turned into the near slaughter-fest that it did. However, as Brian pointed out, writing and choregraphing fight scenes is not easy and having a little exercise to practice that isn't a bad thing. I just think the malice factor could have been left out.

Let it be known that I'm not being a hypocrite. I....er rather Rosco....took part in all this too and apologize for any actions that were above and beyond what was really called for. But when Rosco signed up for this thing he was signing up thinkin' this was gonna be show of skill and strategy of fisticuffs. Which was the only point Rosco wanted to prove. That he could hold his own in a fisticuff.

Anyway, that's my two cents. As for finishing this thing out, I think Brian's right. It's come this far, it may as well be taken to the end.


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Like Rosco, Min signed up to prove a point but unfortunately the point got lost when her fight with Chet proved too be a whole lot more than she bargained for. She had to resort to tactics that were not only brutal but in my opinion, unsportsmanlike. But as Brian pointed out, we all went into this contest without a script so it was pretty much anyone's game. But at the same time, this contest WAS a challenge and fight scenes are among the most difficult to script. If nothing else this contest helped sharpen the skills of those of us that have fighting experience and gave experience to those of us that don't.

But maybe it could have been done a little more civilly and for that I feel that I must add my apology to the growing list here.


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For my part...I apologize as well. I really didn't know exactly what I was signing up for. All I knew was that I was started to feel left out of things so I figured if I signed up or wrote more here, that it may change.

I (author) is not a fighter, I shy away from any confrontations as much as possible. My character Kristy is the same way to an extent, but will fight if it is needed to protect something or someone important to her. My other character, Garrett, is completely opposit. He lives for confrontations and for fights...he would never turn down a fight whether it is planned or spontanious. I was acting out of character when I signed up and when I fought. If it were my choice, I would have given up within the first beating Garrett took...but that isn't who Garrett is. Which ended up costing him :roll:

With that said, I am sorry for the violence I had allowed my character to produce here on the board.

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On the plus side, we all have a fightin' spirit, eh? And that's a good thing.

Besides, if ya'll ponder the actual show from which we ( as characters) sprang....think about how often the Dukes found fisticuffs with somebody. Granted, these weren't extended battles to the death and the scenes were short. The point bein'....knowing how to fight and defend oneself is an elemental trait to any DOH character. No matter what side of the law yer on.

Even Daisy wasn't above kickin' somebody in the posterior or throwin' 'em for a flip.

Yeah, we all got rowdy on this one, but the important thing is...whatever happened in the ring is bein' left in there. Or this thread wouldn't be goin' on, would it?



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Skyler hardly ever takes sides, But this is one of those times he is going to........

Because this is a comment page, I wish to leave some comments too.

I am going to say I agree with Riddick and Min Duke

(......In this Contest I See them as Heros....)

To Min Duke,

You should be proud of yourself, for it took alot of guts, courage, and pride to write what you wrote in your last few lines...(there is something extra special in a very few writers that can teach another writter a lesson...the lesson of knowing when to walk away...You are one of those few.) I admire you for what you wrote, and feel you are truely one of those great writers of Hazzard.

To Riddick,

You should be proud of yourself too, For refuseing to fight in order to

end something that you felt never should have begun.

In the time I have gotten to know "the Riddick" , he has gained great respect from me for standing up for what he believes in and for what he feels is right.

I admire you Riddick for it takes courage and strength for a writer to come forward and teach another that it is never to late to right a wrong-or-rather straighten things out.

Maybe, there should be Hero Awards:

The First two should go to:

" Riddick and Min Duke "

For: Teaching others to stand up for what they believe in

** Even if it means walking away**

The Other Hero Awards should go to:

" The WRITTERS who helped them to write it "

For: Helping teach others lessons in life,

the lessons we some times forget.

They say everything happens for a reason, and like "Brian" said,

there was no script.....

But maybe it happened in order to help someoneelse.

Thank you, Skyler

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