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Favorite fight between Dukes and bad guys

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I would have to say that my favorite fight between the Dukes and the bad guys is in "LUke's Love Story" when Bo walked into Cooter's Garage to find Turk and his buddy messing around with Amy's car. Bo squirted them with oil (or something like that) and seemed like he was having a fun time until they ganged up on him! I loved Rosco's response when he walked in and found Bo covered in oil.

Rosco: Bo, you're a mess. *shakes head in disgust* you're a mess!

~Garrett Duke~

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My vote goes for the villains who give Bo and Luke a major challenge. Characters like Turk in Luke's Love Story. I'm actually surprised that Turk fought better than Luke though. Plus Turk is a villain whom Bo and Luke fought individually at different times.

Jason Steele in the 10 Million Dollar Sheriff, Junior in Duke vs Duke, and Milo Beaudry. A guy that takes both Bo and Luke to punch out.

I really enjoyed the fight scenes with Joey in Welcome Back Bo and Luke and with Lulu's kidnappers in the amusement park.

But perhaps my all time favorite fight scene was when Bo and Luke fought each other in Carnival of Thrills. No Duke shuck and jive here. It was all out Duke Civil War on the Duke farm. Plus, Luke gave me a line to remember if I ever get into fight that I know I could win.

"Cousin, you just started somethin you ain't half man enough to finish!"

Luke knew what he was talking about being a former Marine.

I hated it when in some shows, Bo and Luke didn't fight the bad guys, but merely cuffed them or made them spread as if they were cops. Bring on the bare knuckles brawls any day.


Will Rodgers

The Voice Man

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Rodgers, you named my favorite fight scene, right there. Carnival of Thrills, Bo. vs. Luke. Yeeehaaa!

I dug it, because as much as most of us love our own family members, there are times we just wanna strangle 'em. But afterwards, we feel like hell. Seeing conflict - and genuine anger - between the Dukes gave the show some depth.

Now, back to the question of the best fight vs. bad guys...I like the boxing scene from "And in This Corner, Luke Duke." Granted, it was an "official" kind of fight, but we got to see Luke get his hash pounded for awhile before he turned it loose with a few terrific wallops. (Earlier in the same ep, the fight in the Boar's Nest was decent too.)

Most Duke vs. bad guy fights are short, decisive battles, so for my money, I like the ones that aren't a 1-2-3- out.

But to disagree with you on one point - you said you didn't like it when the Dukes merely obtained a villian's surrender without roughin' 'em up a bit. Well, that's the heck of bein' a good guy! Plus, I suppose with bein' on probation, they had to be careful about beating people up.


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