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  1. How do you like Matt's full name as well?

  2. How much do you think that Matt's tickets add up to as well.

  3. I wander what Ashley and Matt are up to right now as well.

  4. did you see where the docter was talking with Bo and Julie about their daughters in Ashley and Jack's Baby now as well.

  5. Cassidy is getting worst, how is Salena doing over by Cooter right now as well.

  6. In Beer For My Horses, Julie got a promotion to Staff Sargeant Duke now as well and she just told Luke and he told Uncle Jesse afterwards as well.

  7. A Friend was curious when I started explaining the different stories so I printed the first page of Jump In My Car, Angelena's College Years and Three Amigas In a Big Pond as well.

  8. It's okay. Maybe Uncle Jesse will see her crying and go and talk to her as well.

  9. How are you doing tonight.

  10. Going to the Cuyahoga County Fair Tomorrow.

  11. I won vouchers for Indian tickets in the reading game now.

  12. I wander what Lizzy and Luke is thinking seeing that Salena is missing right now knowing her health is a little fragile as well.

  13. Goodbye talk to you tomorrow

  14. hey there what's going on today?

  15. Hey there, what's going on today.

  16. Hey there how are doing today.

  17. That sounds good Angel and David's Wedding is set for September 25th and Cassidy and Douglas Wedding is set for September 30th as well.

  18. Hey how come Cassidy wants to go home right now Lizzy.

  19. I wander how Luke is going to distract Cassidy and Angel right now as well.

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